Xiao Long Bao: Go to Place for Cheap Dumplings

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#5 Chili Pork Dumplings

#5 Chili Pork Dumplings

Xiao Long Bao, is a quick to-go place for your dumpling cravings. The prices are cheap and the food taste good, but not great. Hopefully the food will get even better as it’s their grand opening!


  •  #1 Xiao Long Bao (Pork) [$3.50/6]
  • #5 Chili Pork Dumplings (Spicy) [$2.99/10]
  • #7 Shrimp, Chives, Egg Vermicelli Pancake [$1.75/2]

The Xiao Long Boa skin was a little thick on the top, the soup was good but not savory, and the meat was ok. The Chili Pork Dumplings are great bites especially with their sauce being a great blend that is not too spicy or oily. Want crispy, flavorful, fragrant pancakes? Be sure to try them here! The shrimp, chives, and egg vermicelli pancake was delicious but a little too salty!

#1 Xiao Long Bao (Pork)

#1 Xiao Long Bao (Pork)

Quick Tips:

  •  The take-out menu’s are near the cash register.
  • Cash Only

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625 Clement St
(between 7th Ave & 8th Ave)
San Francisco, CA 94118
Neighborhood: Inner Richmond
(415) 666-3998

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