Nhan Lap Tran Mass Random Shooter Kills Boy in Twin Cities

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Nhan Lap Tran

Nhan Lap Tran

This morning, America woke up to headlines that the rogue ex-cop manifesto-posting Chris Dorner was cornered in cabin in California after killing another police officer. But I also saw national headlines (at least on the FOX report I saw) mentioned that a 9 year old boy was killed after the mother driving in her minivan noticed she was shot driving and saw her son slumped in the back of her van, shot in the head. That report did not name any names, but Minneapolis / St Paul based Pioneer Press identified the male shooter as Nhan Lap Tran, which most Asians would immediately recognize as a common Vietnamese name, though as a rule, the press seems to avoid making any note of an individual’s race, gender preference or religions unless it furthers some politically correct narrative. As the mom rolled into the parking lot, somebody did a lot of shooting as both her tires were shot out as well as her back window. Another 78 year old woman lost her finger and was shot in the leg as her vehicle took  a half dozen shots as well. Tran was seen nonchalantly walking down the street taking random shots with his handgun. Unlike other cases, no stories are coming forth of a man angry at being bullied, turned down by girls, failing classes, or mumbling about saving the planet. The only explanation that makes sense is some sort of mental issue, which is a problem since Asians, particularly parents, are stereotypically the last to seek mental health services.

This particular columnist notes is the latest of a series of nationally visible mass shootings by usually angry Asian men, including Seung-Hui Cho’s 2007 Virginia Tech massacre, Jiverly Wong shooting at an immigration center in 2009, John Suchan Chong who shot up a Korean Christian camp, James Jay Lee who held the Discovery Channel hostage, and One Goh who killed 7 at the Korean Iikos University.  Of these, only Virginia Tech and the Discovery Channel had any even imaginary connections to middle east terrorism. Cho made some indecipherable references to the Islamic name “Ismail Ax”. Lee almost certainly backed by somebody who gave him money to throw at crowds, and gave him a website and signs to protest the population and depleted uranium, a favorite topic of pro-Palestine anti-war pundits like Leuren Moret and Chris Busby.  No kook, let alone your average MIT cub scout dad  would be able to devise what looked like a man portable version of the Times Square vehicle gas bomb which you’d normally need a trip to a certain camps in the mountains of Alqaedastan to get training for. Kenneth “why I hate **** people Eng posted videos proclaiming both to be heroes, while oddly posting youtube tributes while marking as favorites 9-11 jumpers and mujahideen IED attacks, which is something that would mark somebody as a terrorist sympathizer or operative more than a patriot. Of course the current administration is loathe to investigate even obvious cases as terrorism.

Chris Dorner’s manifesto doesn’t look like your average Alex Jones Ron Paul supporter anti-Israel pro-Iran babbling either. He did seem to be up on every abbreviation of every branch of Al Queda, complains about Nazis, oddly hates CNN’s Fareed Zakaria but likes everybody else there as well as Obama, and claimed to have a 50 cal rifle which can punch a hole in a APC/tank. What is consistent with a pattern of terrorism is that the usual spectrum of pro-Iran conspiracy sites seemed to be lining up to condemn the US government as apologists for Dorner, with references to drone and other inhumane acts against Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine, in addition to backing the militants in Mali, the hostage takers in Algeria, and blaming Sandy Hook and Benghazi on some combination of the US and Israel.

Update 2/14/2013:

Here are the charges


Issues( sorry notes I have jotted down from Star Tribune)

  • backpack and fanny pack had spare ammo, two large sheathed knives
  • ammo – 200 rounds. 5-10 rounds per car
  • conspiracy theory
    • rawstory
    • willyloman Today, the gun grabbers got a blessing in the form of Nhan Lap Tran, a cool calculated shooter with apparently no motive and a semi-automatic handgun on a random high profile killing spree.
  • criminal record – none
  • handgun 9mm, owned legally
  • hard working law abiding immigrants (community member)
  • mass shooting hit a half-dozen vehicles, shattering windshield
  • Mental state – withdrawn, introverted could not order from restaurant
    • withdrew to room and video games
    • evaluation wil take several weeks
  • motive – we can’t tell why
  • reloaded at least once
  • unemployed – stayed at home with his parents
    • worked only briefly at andersen windows, 3M only long enough to buy more games
  • timeline shooting reported 6:10 surrendered 6:32 pm
  • victims
    • at least 4 vehicles
    • Aryal boy and mother shot
    • Karen Knoblach 68 shot in finger and legs with 3 grandkids in back who were not hurt
    • 28 yr old woman windshield shot out
    • 54 yr old man windshield and front tire hit, stopped to reload
    • admitted to shooting at two vehicles, may have hit others that were close (not likely)
  • video games
  • vietnam immigrant 1989 from refugee camp in Phillipines, sponsored by St. Paul churc

This guy was able to pump 5-10 shots into each car, score hits on occupants, tires, and shoot out windows. This was no random spray, it looks like somebody trained to do this on a mission. Funny thing about this shooting, it reminds me a lot of the Fort Hood shooting, Virginia Tech, and the beltway sniper, other cases that look like terrorist shootings of random people for no apparent reason other than mental illness, though some think Major Hasan’s political views and shouting “God Is Great” in arabic might provide clues to a motive. Still, I can’t imagine any nation state would have the capability or motive to recruit an Asian to do such a horrific shooting that they wrote about it in the UK Daily Mail.

There is one conspiracy theorist out thinks he has found a motive for the killing of the boy, it is some kind of a “false flag attack” by “gun grabbers” by Scott Creighton who runs the Willyloman blog:

Nhan Lap Tran and “Gun safety” Bills in Minnesota. Coincidence?
Posted on February 12, 2013 by willyloman
by Scott Creighton
Gun “safety” bills are currently under legislative review in Minnesota as they are in many states across the country. But there is some adamant opposition on both sides of the isle up there fostered by a huge turnout of citizens opposed to such unconstitutional laws and so it didn’t look as if anything was going to pass.
“After the Sandy Hook shooting, a lot of folks thought gun safety bills might have a good chance of passing in Minnesota.
But for three days straight last week, hundreds of people packed legislative hearing rooms to oppose a series of gun safety bills.
The unexpectedly large opposition makes it harder for any of the gun safety bills to pass. Meanwhile, advocates of the bills say their state of the union is not good.” CBS News
That was yesterday. Today, the gun grabbers got a blessing in the form of Nhan Lap Tran, a cool calculated shooter with apparently no motive and a semi-automatic handgun on a random high profile killing spree. Guess how the legislators will vote now.
“He was just walking diagonally down the middle of the street. Then he turned toward me and just started firing,” the woman said. “He was just walking, not even running… It was crazy.” Raw Story
Oakdale police said the gunman is a local resident who apparently was shooting randomly at people who were driving or sitting in vehicles. Investigators were questioning him Monday night, but no clear motive for the shootings has been identified.” Fox News
No, no motive. Maybe it was SSRIs, huh Rivero?
Or maybe it was that little legislative snafu.Can you say “Amerithrax and the Patriot Act”?
Either way, they aren’t messing around with the obvious connections so the police chief jumps right out and gets control of the narrative right off the bat:
“It’s a horrible situation and certainly lends itself to the concern we have about gun control and all the other kinds of issues being addressed right now throughout the country,” Oakdale Police Chief Mike Sullivan told Fox. Citi Pages
It’s not enough for the police chief to take the time out of his busy day to say something about the 9 year-old kid who got gunned down in his fair city. No, he’s got to bring gun control into the mix before the kid’s parents can reclaim his little body.
Nice huh?
I am reminded of Hillary Clinton telling Gadhafi that more Libyans were going to die until he stepped down and handed over their country to her and her neoliberal scavengers….

His blog seems to point to almost everybody in the anti-Israel, pro-Palestine/Iran conspiracysphere except Ron Paul, Jesse Ventura and Alex Jones, an incomplete list:

Most of these websites promote anti-Israel or anti-semitic conspiracy theories. They generally paint Israel and the US as a threat to world peace, Palestine, Muslims and Iran. They oppose Western or NATO imperialists interventions in Libya, Syria, and see the Mali intervention as neo-colonialism or imperialism. Russia Today and Press TV (Iran) are the official cable news organizations of nations that oppose the military policies of the US.  Electronic Intifada and Free Gaza support Palestinean nationalism, a movement supported by the old PLO, and now Hamas and Hezbollah.

He sent out this interesting tweet, quoting Iran’s version of CNN, PressTV on the motives for 9/11, with an extremely interesting reply from Muslim who is obviously concerned for world peace.

  1. @willyloman1 well, we Muslims always knew that . It’s nothing new!


    Willyloman also links to Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth, which was specifically endorsed by none less than Iran’s president Ahmadinejad who was quoted on PressTV at the United Nations as presenting proof of the guilt of the US government:

    In his speech at the UN General Assembly in New York on Thursday, President Ahmadinejad criticized the US response to the 9/11 attacks, saying it was just a pretext for invading Iraq and Afghanistan.  One day before the ninth anniversary of the September 11 attacks, the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth said evidence regarding the destruction of the World Trade Center towers has emerged that show planted explosives were used in the demolition of the buildings.


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