New Asian Owned 4×5 Gallery Opens in SF Today

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4x5 art gallery

San Francisco, CA – Today marks the Grand Opening of 4×5 Gallery, San Francisco’s newest photography space, and the opening of their inaugural exhibition denatured, featuring the work of Erik Auerbach.

Located in the Lower Haight and sharing a retail space with Glass Key Photo, co-founders Hung Tran and Gordon Szeto have set out to fulfill a community-based goal for the gallery – to represent Bay Area photographers through curated exhibitions, to act as a marketplace for non-exhibiting photographers and to serve as a local photo networking hub.

Tran was born in Vietnam and raised in Seattle, Washington.  With an academic background in Developmental Biology, he has dedicated more than a decade to studying everything from Cancer, Diabetes, Cystic Fibrosis, and vaccines. Having moved to San Francisco in YEAR, Tran set out to deftly balance his left and right brain, spending his time studying photography and traveling the world as a means to indulge his artistic inclinations.

Szeto was born and raised in the Bay Area and has regular dreams of creating his own secret ice cream recipes.  Gordon is a self-proclaimed 21st century ‘jack of all trades’ who boasts a set of diplomacy skills learned from working in his family’s Asian vegetable wholesale business, in the halls of academia earning an MBA and through dedicating himself to a well honed passion for analog and digital photography.

In celebration of 4×5’s Grand Opening, Tran and Szeto are pleased to present denatured, featuring 19 chromogenic 20”x20” color prints by San Francisco-based photographer and First Exposures Director, Erik Auerbach.

Created over a decade in locations from Mexico, Berlin, and Seoul, to Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Auerbach’s denatured series of images capture the clash between nature, the urban experience and the things left behind. Notes Auerbach, “My interest lies in the natural grace that appears in the countless periods of transitions that confront us daily; some are subtle and fleeting, while others beg to be noticed.  I seek to illuminate the outline and route of our everyday, inviting viewers to take an intimate look at the quiet layers in our day-to-day landscape.  Similar to following a path the featured images are intended to be viewed together as an ensemble or to offer an individual pleasing visual.”

“Inaugurating our space with denatured is the perfect way for us to publicly introduce the 4×5 Gallery and articulate our focus and mission,” says Szeto. “At 4×5 we’ve set out to provide an exhibition space for talented local photographers. Erik not only fits this bill, he exceeds it. 4×5 Gallery is thrilled to open our doors to the public with Erik’s work featured on our walls, and we expect the public will be equally enamored with Erik’s photographic works.”

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