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  • MonkeyKing_Still

    Monkey King: Uproar in Heaven

          The most important task of any movie reviewer is to indicate weather the movie reviewed is worth the time and money to see. The movie, “Monkey King: Uproar in Heaven” is an easy call—go see it! In fact, bring your friends, definitely […]

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  • Photo by Frank Jang.

    First Community Foundation for Chinese Americans to Launch in San Francisco Bay Area

      SAN FRANCISCO, CA – On February 28, the Chinese American Community Foundation officially launched to serve the Bay Area philanthropic community.  It will be the first community foundation in the United States specializing in Chinese American donors and projects. Though this will mark the […]

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  • #8 Hu Tieu Hoac Mi Bo Sate at Yummy Yummy

    Yummy Yummy Lives Up To Name

          Yummy Yummy offers generous size amounts of meat and noodles and they taste great! Their prices are right, about 50 cents cheaper than Pho Phu Quoc (PPQ) on Irving St. and almost as good. I can’t remember the last time another Vietnamese restaurant provided this […]

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