Asian-Am View of Boston Marathon Massacre Carnage

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[Next Day 4/16]
Link to hahatango Full-Res Photos

I heard about the Boston Marathon Massacre posted by the MIT Tech student paper on facebook. Trolling Flickr, I found a fellow “hahatango” who had captured high-res images from his new Sony NEX-5R just seconds after he heard the explosions outside his window on Boylston street. I called him up, and he’s a 30-something Chinese American with a Kansas accent who went to school in Boston. I remember several times in the 70s walking over the Harvard bridge to witness the waves of humanity running by and walking to see the Prudential finish line. Thankfully, he’s releasing all of his photos in the hope somebody can find clues in them. This is the first time they’ve been posted in detail on something resembling a news outlet, and by Asian Americans who have contributed both to American terrorism and counter-terrorism.

By the white smoke and relatively light damage, I would guesss it was a backpack sized propane bomb like the one that James Jay Lee took into the Discovery Hostage incident. Light square pieces of sheet metal were flying in the air, nobody has verified reports of ball bearings. For some reason, no officials are giving any details of the bombs, and all the ones that were found intact were also destroyed. The bombs were fused and placed in pairs, another Al Qaeda signature. [Corrrection 4/16] OK, it was a pressure cooker bomb. You pack a home-made alternative to C4 into a pressure cooker, apply nails and pellets with putty, put in an igniter and a timer, stick in a backpack, place it on a sidewalk next to unsuspecting people and you’ve got a handy IED just like the ones they use against India and Afghanistan that dog’s don’t sniff. Check out Part 2 to see picture of the Saudi student and his friends who may or may not be placing the backpack at ground zero.  It’s not powerful enough to shred more than the dozen closest people thoroughly – it killed three and amputated a number of legs and doctors were removing pellets and nails from all over people — but it makes a pretty big boom just the same. Let’s just hope they don’t introduce other tools of “liberation” over here like anti-vehicle IEDs or suicide bombers.

The bomb that exploded at the World Trade Center in 1993 fit into a full-sized E-series van and was designed by Ramsi Yousef. The one that destroyed the Oklahoma City federal building fit into a medium moving van, and many suspect Terry Nichols got help from Ramsi Yousef on one of his fishy visits to the Phillipines, which was the stage for many of Yousef’s bombings of a movie theater and 747 on the road to 9/11. This bomb thankfully appears to be just big enough to break windows and kill or maim people at very close range. Perhaps the biggest theoretical bomb you could transport on a road would be one that fits in a semi-trailer. Not one, but two of them went up in an illegal parking spot in China but of course, there’s no chance that was actually a test of a terrorist bomb.

The 1999 Columbine attack wasn’t considered to be terrorist attack before 9/11. But it was one of the most elaborate bombing plots til then, or since with multiple propane and pipe and car bombs, and included a diversionary fire, a lot like the “unrelated” fire at the JFK library which went off just as they were mopping up the mess at the finish line. The shooting rampage was actually Plan B when the bombs didn’t go off.

Since then, many Arab / Islamist terrorists or people who act as if they were trained by Al Qaeda terrorists have used similar tactics such as Virginia Tech, Mumbai, Sandy Hook, except without the IEDs. That is, except for the 2012 Brindisi Italy bombing of a high school with 3 propane tanks in a trash bin. That IED burned 90% of a 16 year old girl and blew off her arm, so was probably larger than these devices. They caught the man who confessed to placing the bomb, but there was “no obvious motive” Even China has been hit with a plague of “no obvious motive jihad” with a series of knife attacks on schools which as killed 25 and injured over 100 since 2010. Unlike US attacks which hit colleges and high schools before Newtown, and elementary since then, the China attacks have concentrated, also for no particular reason, on children as young as kindergarten and preschool as if mentally ill people calculate they are easier targets. It’s true only a few of these mass attacks are committed by radical islamists or their allies bent on killing Jews or their friends. But isn’t it odd that the rest are all done by anti-government, save-the-earth, neo-Nazi high school students, Koreans, Vietnamese, Facists, Communists, Aryans, any-stupid-cause-worth-dying-for, fake Christians like [[Anders Behring Breivik]] or just about any other kind of non-Arab who kill Jews or their friends for “no obvious motive”.

All of these attacks by Al or Non-Qaeda are always blamed on “false flag” attacks by 9-11 truthers. For all their attacking each other over no-plane, no-muslim, dancing Israeli, thermite building 7 theories, they are all united against Israel’s “war crimes” dedicated to the rights of Palestine and against war with Iraq/Afghanistan/Iran. Our government officials would never be crazy enough to even investigate the remote and implausible possibility that these mass attacks could be carefully camoflaged attacks which are staged to look like they are caused by movies, 2nd amendment rights, drugs, mental illness or personal problems. Yet the internet and Youtube are filled with Ron Paul worshipping conspiracy theorists who have absolutely no problem spewing out theories that Sirhan Sirhan or the Aurora killers are innocent victims of “MK-ULTRA” brainwashing, UFO chemtrails and HAARP Fukushima radiation. Antiwar Iran moderates such as Mike Harris of Veterans Today have appeared on PressTV explain their theory of who really killed American children at Sandy Hook: “This is exactly what Israel did in Norway; the political party that voted sanctions against Israel was retaliated against by a ‘lone gunman’ who killed 77 children. This is what Israel always does, they go after the children”

Back to the photos, he has a 55mm normal lens on a NEX which is essentially an SLR without the through-the-lens viewfinder part. But it zooms fine into telephoto. Here are his pictures after I cropped out the most dramatic sections. He was looking into the small LCD viewfinder, so he hasn’t even seen the details here. I see two people who look the most hurt who did not get up, a father who seems to be African or mideastern cradling who appears to be a dying child, and a man by the grating who is face down who never got up.
















Close up of the father, mother and boy who appears he could be the 8 year old fatality.

























This section which looks like a pile of people appears to be at the center of the explosion which was just a couple of yards back from the line of flags.




















overall shot

Hi – res crowd shot which somebody should be able to correlate with injured people and pinpoint location of bomb.




























*** This article will be updated as news comes in ***

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