Day After Boston Massacre Marathon Bombing

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The night after the bombings, MIT turned on a 9-11-ish flag in lights:

MIT Green building flag tribute by Chun-Teh












Authorities are still not releasing any details of the bombs, and nobody in the media is speculating that the bombs are propane based, similar to the ones used against Israel, Times Square, Glasgow airport, James Jay Lee at the Discovery headquarters, or Columbine. (Correction, they are practially Taliban-standard issue pressure cooker bombs like the kinds our soldiers never thought would encounter on the streets of Boston, which work like small propane bombs.)

(hahatango pictures) Looking at the pictures over night, I spotted this fellow over what looked like a suitcase, but it’s actually a baby stroller. (update, due to finding the actual suspect 1 and 2, we don’t need pictures here of Abdul Rahman Ali Alharb or his roommates anymore, and stories in the press about the foreign student being deported for terrorism have been determined to be different student who was being deported)

He looks an awful lot like the guy named as the Saudi in the hospital by Myfox, c/o Shoebat (who to be fair, is quite disliked by apologists of Islamism, which makes him a good guy in my book)


Looks like he has two buddies pointed out by reddit: On that thread, people notice that  the guy on the left is seen to walk back towards the wall where the bomb was placed, and #2 guy looks back at him. There is an object which looks like it could be a piece of a backback obscured by a ledge.  As always, these guys are probably cool, but it would be a good idea to talk to these folks, and plenty of white guys and girls were walking around with backpacks as well that shouldn’t be overlooked either.

Link to video of what a giant propane tanker explosion in China looks like. The clean white smoke is distinctive.

Who bombs sporting events?

Here is a list “some sporting events and teams that have been affected by attacks and threats:” Other than palestinean, Sri Lankan, Pakstani, IRA, Al Qaeda in Iraq and Identity Christian anti-semites, I can’t see any obvious pattern to this, or who could possibly behind these bombings.

First marathon: April 9, 2008 — A suspected Tamil Tiger suicide bomber detonated a device at the start of a marathon celebrating the start of Sri Lanka’s new year. Highways minister Jeyaraj Fernandopulle, former Olympic marathon runner KA Karunaratne and the national athletics coach, Lakshman de Alwis, were among the dozen people killed.

Others: Sept. 5-6, 1972 — Palestinians going by the name of “Black September” kill 11 Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics.
April 21, 1987 — A car bomb kills more than 100 people at a bus station in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The blast came during a tour of the country by the New Zealand cricket team. The three-Test tour was cut to one.
Feb. 11, 1996 — Cricket teams from Australia and the West Indies refuse to play preliminary World Cup matches in Sri Lanka a week after a huge bomb blast in Colombo killed 80 people and injures 1,200.
July 27, 1996 — Centennial Park bombing at Atlanta Olympics by rightwing anti-semite Eric Rudolph. The explosion killed one person and injured over 100 others.
April 5, 1997 — The Grand National, the most famous horse race in England, was abandoned after two coded bomb threats were reportedly received from the IRA, known for anti-semitic tendencies. Sixty-thousand spectators (including Princess Anne), jockeys, race personnel and local residents were evacuated, and the course was secured by police. The race was run two days later.
May 22, 2002 — Hours before the Champions League semifinal between Real Madrid and Barcelona FC, a car bomb was detonated near Bernabeu Stadium in Madrid by radical separatists Seventeen people were injured.
May 8, 2002 — A suicide bomber killed 14 people outside the hotel where the New Zealand cricket team was staying in Karachi, Pakistan. Fourteen people died in the attack and the New Zealand team returned home.
2006 — Iraqi sportsmen and women were targeted three times. On May 17, 15 athletes and officials of the Iraqi taekwondo team were kidnapped as they headed to Jordan for a training camp. None of the athletes were seen alive again. On May 26, gunmen shot and killed the Iraqi tennis coach and two of his players. The final attack on July 16 involved 50 gunmen who attacked a sports conference in Baghdad. They kidnapped 30 athletes and officials, including the head of Iraq’s Olympic Committee, Ahmed al-Hadjiya.

Jan. 4, 2008 — The Dakar Rally was canceled for the first time in its 30-year history. The threat of an attack from al Qaeda made the race too risky for the organizers

TheBlaze The Muslim Brotherhood which is seen as a force for democracy by the Obama administration gives a different statement in Arabic. He he condemned the Boston attack — “but also linked it to the French war in Mali, the destruction in Syria and Iraq, and faltering rapprochement between the Turkish government and Kurdish rebels.”

Creepingsharia and this on the case of the previous Boston star Islamist . Tarek Mehanna who was arrested after he visited various places like Yemen and Afghanistan seeking terrorist training.

Pakistan Taliban says they didn’t do it, but the US didn’t believe them when they claimed Jiverly Wong (see below) anyway, and they didn’t believe the Little Rock recruiting office shooter when he broke down and admitted that Al Qaeda in Yemen sent him to kill soldiers on a Jihad spree.

5newsonline says the bomb was a pressure cooker placed in a backpack, and doctors were pulling out pellets and nails out of people. Fox says it resembles IEDs used in Afghanistan and previous US plots.

Apartment search: They also say that with his permission, they searched the apartment of the Saudi citizen who was on a student visa, one of 3 saudi men living in the apartment. “One of them, Mohammed Bada, told the station that when police arrived at the apartment, they told him that his roommate had been injured in the blasts. Asked whether his friend was involved in the bombing, Bada told WHDH that he did not know, but that he does not think so.” Right. They just wanted a really good view of the finish line 20 ft from ground zero. News says that this “person of interest” is not a suspect and not under arrest.

 Third Victim is From China: USA Today reports “The third fatality from Monday’s Boston Marathon bombing is a Chinese national, the Chinese Consulate in New York said. The victim is also a Boston University graduate student”.. the student was a woman from Shenyang studying statistics.” Another was injured….The two other victims were Martin Richard, 8, of Dorchester, Mass., and Krystle Campbell, 29, of Arlington, Mass.

Kerry meeting with Saudis is closed to the press, but Shoebat wonders if they will discuss that Saudi national who was tackled by Americans who thought he acted funny and was photographed near ground zero with his buddies with a backpack. Initially called a suspect, it looks like the federal authorities no longer think he might have done anything wrong.

Al Harbi’s clan is linked to terrorism according to Shoebat who is dumbfound that the media is already clearing his good name.

(Fox) Minor Chinese Non-Qaeda Attack: Chinese man at Walmart Attacks Soldier ..”47-year-old Yiqiang Wu of Schenectady with assault as a hate crime”… “began to yell derogatory comments at him about the United States and his service to the nation. Police say Wu then struck the officer several times in the face.” Another blow againstImperialism,  though I think it’s in bad taste to assault the people defending the land you’ve decided to immigrate into.

(Fox) “Hanoi” Jane tells veterans to “Get a Life“. What’s the big deal about posing on anti-aircraft guns pointed at US aircraft anyways? Funny, kids at the local Vietnam booth like Uncle Ho so much they still call their capital “Saigon”. If you ask me, the same forces behind the Viet Cong are the same ones that were blowing up airlines in the name of the PLO, blowing up Americans with pressure cooker IEDs  in Boston or Afghanistan, and firing rockets into Israel. They are all bad guys no matter what prophet they worship.

Iran’s PressTV back in 2009:  Taliban claims they sent Vietnamese immigrant Jiverley Wong on that killing spree in New York:  “A top Taliban leader on Saturday claimed responsibility for the terrorist act which occurred at the American Civic Association in Binghamton in New York on Friday. “I accept responsibility. They were my men. I gave them orders in reaction to US drone attacks,” Pakistani Taliban leader Baituallah Mehsud told a news channel by phone from an undisclosed location. “No kidding. Of course, the US never believes terrorist claims of responsibility unless they can prove it: FBI spokesman Richard Kolko said, “Based on the evidence, we can firmly discount that claim.”  He killed 13 before taking his own life. If the conspiracy theorists believe in MK-ULTRA killers, isn’t it possible Al Qaeda and the Taliban could recruit a Vietnamese?

Attention graduating leftist or neo-Nazi college seniors: Why consider the CIA when Al Queda is Hiring Asian Intelligence Agents:

Telegraph UK: Minh Quang Pham, 29, is said to have sworn an oath of allegiance to al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsular (AQAP) after leaving Britain to join the terrorist group in December 2010….

He is said to have received military-style training and helped AQAP with their propaganda efforts…

He was arrested on his return to Heathrow via Bahrain on July 27 last year when a live ammunition round was found in his possession…

 indictment released by the US Department of Justice and seen by the Daily Telegraph, accuses Pham of providing material support to AQAP, based in Yemen, along with others “known and unknown.”




In the divide between the Islamist and the Zionists…. choose wisely America.


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