Egypt Finds Coptic Christians To Blame for Deadly Sectarian Violence

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  • Coptic Christians: Bad Christians, Bad Bad!
  • Egypt gets F-16s, Philippines begs for first jet since 1970
  • Obama promotes new democratic Egyptian government
  • Innocence Video and Copts
  • Super Typhoon, Super Bad Ming Na Wen movie
  • Benghazi again
  • Check out Michelle Malkin on Fox

Bomb attacks, forced conversions of Christians, and other sectarian conflicts have been on the rise against the Copts, the largest Christian denomination in Egypt with the new government of Egypt. President Obama played a key role in the transition of Egypt from the dictatorial regime of Mubarak into the Arab-Spring inspired democratically elected government headed by President Morsi.

We are so happy with the progress there towards human rights, we’re still shipping them zillions of dollars worth of F-16s and M-1 tanks they don’t need (unless they are planning a re-do of the 1967 six-day war) . Meanwhile, the US hasn’t given the strategic Philippines a dime towards helping it buy Korea’s  FA-50 Golden Eagle because it’s been too poor to afford any jets since it’s ancient bargain basement F-5’s fell into disrepair decades ago.

It’s not easy for westerners, especially Democrat-dominated Obama-committed Asians to make sense of what is going on out there, but this is what I’ve figure out in short form:

  • April 5, 2013 Friday  Violence in Khosous rooted in a dispute between a Muslim family and Christian family flared up. Christians accused Salafis who were seen sexually harassing a Christian girl. Then sheikhs started incited against Copts and the church. Security police arrived to find clashes already taking place, as a nearby nursery and church were also burned. Forensic evidenced showed that at least four copts were shot by automatic weapons, and seven had died by April 11. A funeral for six who had died was set for Sunday, one intentionally set aflame

  • April 6, 2013 Saturday Deadly clashes erupted in Al-Khosous between as groups of Muslim teens accused Christian teens of painting offensive drawings on the gates of an Al-Azhar institution. Someone drew a gun and fired into the air, killing one boy with a stray bullet.  Four Christians and one Muslim died in the violence that followed.

  • April 7, 2013 Sunday As Christian Copt mourners were leaving a funeral of a victim of sectarian violence at St. Mark’s cathedral in Cairo, the seat of the Coptic Orthodox Church, they were were attacked by  a mob of 20-40 youths using guns, machetes, stones and Molotov cocktails against the crowd. Police not only looked on rather than arresting the mob, but the police fired teargas and birdshot directly into the cathedral compound. Rather than using the armored vehicles to protect the compound, they allowed youths stand on top of their vehicles to attack, while one officer appeared to help one gunman take aim at exiting Copts. The government investigation blamed violent Copts who began destroying cars in the neighbourhood, leading to “escalation that resulted in a fight between mourners and people living in the area”, and the arrest of 4 Copts in connection with the violence, even though video clearly showed Copts were under attack by police and the mob outside the church. The ensuing riot, also called the “Siege of St Marks” lead to the deaths of two copts, with 84 were injured, including 11 Coptic Police officers. sparking uproar among the Christian community.

Yup, it’s as clear as day the Copts are the ones that should be arrested by the Egyptian authorities.



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Observers of the whole Arab spring / Benghazi thing will note that the right bloggers think that it’s a bad thing that Obama has pretty much aligned the USA with the Muslim Brotherhood and the Qatar / Sunni side of the Muslim world, while the left bloggers think that’s a good thing for promoting democracy and world peace. It’s also interesting that that the “unreliable source” Walid Shoebat was the only guy who noticed that that “innocence” youtube video that caused the whole ruckus was created by Sam Bacile, a man with no official name but a bazillion aliases. He came out of jail for his terrorist connetions with zero background in filmmaking. Yet within a couple of months, he has a finished screenplay, does a professional casting call and auditions, crafts a low budget SAG contract, and has a budget big enough not only for b-grade actors and director (ok, if you want to see a really bad movie to see how far Ming Na Wen has fallen since Mulan, check out Super Typhoon) but  hires out Hollywood’s only mideast backlot and pioneers a new blue screen technique. He screens a theater premiere complete with a “Innocence of Bin Laden” promo poster in Arabic that reads like it was written by Imam Anwar al-Awlaki or Zawahiri himself.

Nobody seem to think Bacile looks the filmmaker version of a “lone gunman” set up to be a patsy, knowing that the government will be too stupid to prosecute anybody behind him. Nobody would suspect anybody helped this fellow plan how to create and promote the film, or determine who decided to put so much effort into a stupid youtube video unless it was really, really important enough for somebody to invest half million or so, maybe to be used at a later date (like 9/11?).  Bacile lied that he was an Israeli. His connections to the Copt and Christian evangelicals oriented towards Egypt looked equally bogus, as if the whole operation was engineered specifically to inflame hatred against Christians, Jews, and Copts in particular. But what do I know?

This whole Copt thing obviously has nothing to do terrorism here in the USA that any Asian American need to worry about. Asians obviously trust the excellent handling of the Libya security situation by Sec of State Hillary Clinton who have assured us that security was exactly at the right level, and President Obama who that night of 9/11 left the entire operation in the capable hands of his staff who determined that there was nothing the military could do. Asians certainly don’t need to hear any of the crazy stuff coming off that Fox news channel, especially Michelle Malkin who’s been on there a lot lately.

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