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Here’s something different for all you high school and college graduates out there. For those of you that want to put up an announcement to brag about your success or bitch about your disapointments, using the comments, give out

  • your name (or handle) and optional ethnicity (you don’t have to be Asian or American)
  • your high school or college
  • your plans – job or college going to
  • optional – your SAT or ACT
  • link to your “winning” or “losing” college essay
  • your graduation speech if you were picked or short message to the world / parents if you weren’t selected

If you’re happy just to be staying with your parents until you find yourself, or want to be a full-time hippie or video game player, thats’ fun too.

For the record, my SAT scores in 1976 were something like 650 verbal, 720 math which was like 98/99 percentile back then, and that was good enough to get me into MIT and Stanford, wait list for CalTech and turned down by Harvard. Maybe Harvard didn’t like my essay on how the  F/A-18 Hornet might rival the F-14 Tomcat (which by 2012 did evolve into the Navy’s main fighter). My generation sent 7 kids to either MIT or Stanford, though there are probably a couple of families who still do that somewhere. Now the next generation has got into University of Washington (the computer science is really hard to get in), Wellesley, Macalester, Seattle University, Stevens Institute of Technology, University of Chicago and Perdue, but nobody in a college with 5-15% admission rate yet.

When I was in Rochester MN, I had the pleasure of meeting Jennifer Kim who is a state-level violinist and youth symphony concertmaster that played with Rochester and other community orchestras. She turned down Princeton for Harvard and I would guess will start as their concertmaster. I was also knocked over when Miriam Huettner who is a dancer and violinist and told me she was going to Harvard (but Yale turned her down) That she applied to Northeastern show how far that Boston school has come since the 70s to where it is a solid backup to places like Tufts or Brown. She did confess she got a perfect verbal score, but it looks like the violin and dance really helped. She told me she went to Boston for a new students event that had to be canceled while the police where chasing the Tsarnaev’s all over town. At least in the case of these two young ladies, I’d say if you do something that make you show up in the local papers with awards or performances in a web search, that’s going to help a lot. The SEMYO youth symphony also sent one boy to MIT. My advice is apply to one school you will definitely get into, two you will probably get into, 2 that you might, and then 1 or 2 top 10 schools, but applying to a bunch of “Harvard”s won’t increase your chances by much.

Some wonder if filling in “Asian” will hurt, I’d rather you do whatever is correct so at least they can get their statistics right. My thoughts are that it can’t possibly be as bad as filling in “white”. The biggest problem for any given Asian student are all the OTHER overqualified Asians students applying for the same 15 schools. White parents will send their kids to ANY college that will take them, but Asian parents think Virginia Tech, Fitchburg State or  Western Washington University is like an Asian F. If you don’t get into Harvard or Berkeley, what a lot of Asians did was turn UC Irvine into the nation’s first “predominantly Asian” equivalent of a black college like Howard, Spellmen or Tuskegee . Or there are plenty of great schools out there like Luther college in Iowa with almost no Asians that might actually want to recruit more or should since generally once a handful of Asians get in, their friends and family will follow if you don’t mind being half of the Asian student body in your class. Ron Unz seems to be the only fellow really trumpeting about Asians getting treated unfairly, but I’m not so crazy about his associations with Euro-American nationalists and promoting fairness towards Palestine nationalists and Islamic militants.

One word of advice in terms of schedule is that by your Junior year, you should have a SAT or ACT score and seen a few colleges you might want to apply (or not apply to, it’s good to see a few colleges)  because your senior fall you will be busy filling out applications. Some parents fly with their kids all over the eastern seaboard, but some kids need to be motivated to drive just one hour away where we ran into kids who flew out to Carlton in Northridge Minnesota from California and Boston for a campus tour. At the Macalester session, they mentioned the average temperature in St Paul is something like 55 but it’s really generally either below zero or 95 most of the year, and I picked up the campus paper where the response to the rare editorial from a lone-wolf conservative that it was too liberal was from two liberals who said if it wasn’t for evil people like him it would be even more liberal, and the sidewalks were brightly decorated with protests over Wells Fargo and investments or something.

Rotten To the Common Core

We learned the 80s, 90s and 2000s that

  • The New Math was stupid
  • Outcomes Based Education (OBE) was stupid 
  • The Open School was stupid
  • Fuzzy / Reform Math was stupid
  • Whole language was stupid
  • Multicultural Focused Education / Ebonics was stupid
  • Racial Quota and Busing was stupid
  • Politically Correct History standards were stupid
  • Standards Based testing like WASL which put high school level math in 4th grade was stupid

Now the latest craze is Common Core. So far most the opposition is from conservative whites, but dang it, Asian parents who care about education need to jump up and down and yell about this latest epidemic of insanity. First graders are supposed to be instructed to how to read and write BASIC SENTENCES. Like learning Spanish, you just learn the words. Maybe a little bit about making friends and loving your parents and brother and sister.

This abomination pretends to be in 1st grade, but in fact it is indoctrination that would be a college or graduate introduction to propaganda and disinformation  that would be more appropriate to the CIA, KGB or the Iranian MOIS intelligence agencies on how to sell people on global warming or Obama Care or the evils of the Tea Party.


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MIT electrical engineering computer science graduate has written conservative columns on politics, race / culture, science and education since the 70s in MIT The Tech and various publications in including New Republic and National Review.