Partners With Ding Ding TV

Print Friendly is pleased to announce a new partnership with Ding Ding TV, the first Chinese Internet television station in the Silicon Valley. According to founder Diana Ding, an award winning program director and popular Chinese radio and television program personality, Ding Ding TV’s mission is to serve as a bridge between USA and China as a leading website providing multimedia entertainment and information to people on all platforms available.

On the first Monday of each month, starting in August, will be running Ding Ding TV’s original program Innovation Dialog which aims to showcase innovations in both the U.S. and China and clear any misconceptions between the two countries. The program also aims to promote collaboration and exchanging of ideas between the two countries. Innovation Dialog was selected as the most outstanding TV show from the Northern California Chinese Media Association in 2012.

Here is a teaser of what readers can expect to see from Innovation Dialog:


For more shows, visit:  www.DingDing.TV

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