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  • fortune-cookie-fundraiser

    Orange Chicken and Fortune Cookies: A Misunderstanding

          No matter how homesick I grow while traveling overseas in North America, from Asia, I remain reluctant to enter restaurants many Americans would promptly label “Chinese.” From the dollops of gooey sweet and sour chicken to the spongy stir-fried broccoli sitting dejectedly […]

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  • A feast for the eyes by Lem Balagot

    Designers and Chefs Shine at Lifestyle Network’s Los Angeles Launch

        LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Hollywood recently gave a warm welcome to ABS-CBN International’s newest channel, Lifestyle Network, whose swanky launch featured Filipino American designers and chefs. Installations of fashion as art featured bridal headpieces by designer Carlyn Nuyda Calloway which augmented reality against […]

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