“All Men Are Thieves” Film Launch Party Set for August 11 in SF

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Meet the Cast and Crew of “All Men are Thieves,” a stylish modern-day film noir directed by Henry Kim, set in the heart of San Francisco on a fictional night in the city that is the longest and darkest of the year. It is on this night that the brotherhood between two career criminals are tested to its limit. Vincent, a cautious loner who is conflicted by his family responsibilities finally finds a kindred spirit in Rich, a fast talking career criminal with a secret of his own that threatens to destroy their friendship and test to see if blood is thicker than water.

RSVP for the movie screening with cast & crew: http://sparxo.net/allmenarethieves/

PARTY AT: CARBON LOUNGE, SF on Sunday, August 11 from 6pm to

“All Men are Thieves is a new film project that I am personally extremely excited for because it represents what I believe to be the best of all that I’ve learned thus far,” says Kim who started making films at 13-years-old. Our goal is to make the best short crime/drama film yet made in San Francisco. We have everything lined up, the script is ready, the actors are all working for free and now we just need your help!”

The film is looking for at least $7,000 in funding, which will be just enough to cover the basic production costs for making the 15-page script I’ve written come to life. I can assure you that one of my greatest strengths is the ability to stretch pennies on the dollar, and every penny donated will go far in helping to create an extremely high production value that can match those of Hollywood and beyond! Take the opportunity to meet & greet with the cast, crew, and brilliant minds behind the film.

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