Chinese Lake Monster And Other Baffling Mysteries

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Chinese Loch Ness Monster

Epoch Times reports this month that a worker took an awful picture of China’s Loch Ness monster in volcanic Tianchi lake. He was  reportedly at the volcano monitoring station at  Changbai Mountain to take measurements of the lake’s water temperature and retrieve gas samples from the lake. Reportedly it has “dog-shaped body the size of a buffalo, with a duck beak” or ” has a square head with a single horn on it, a long hairy neck, and dragon-like scales covering its body”. It’s competing for attention with the Hanasi Lake Monster in China’s northwest Xinjiang Province.

It may actually be a North Korean propoganda disinformation campaign, as they are taking credit for the beast.  Back in 2007, a “Korean Expert Offers Explanation Of The Mysterious Chinese Lake Tianchi Monster” that it was a trout they had planted there.  Could Be ‘Tianchi Trout’

lake tianchi monsterA picture off the Lake Tianchi ‘monster’, the big one that got away

 A senior researcher from the National Academy of Science of The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) said the “Tianchi monster” a Chinese photographer caught on film last month is probably the mutated offspring of trout stocked by the North Korea 40 years ago. 77-year-old Kim Li-tae said during an interview with the Choson Shinbo, a newspaper published by the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan, that he was one of the North Korean researchers who released nine trout into Tianchi Lake, located on Changbai Mountain, on July 30, 1960. 


China Signs Treaty With Space Aliens To Settle Earth

This from Gordon Duff of  Veterans Today, an American web journal that started off as your usual anti-war veterans site that has since sharing bylines with Iran’s PressTV on usually anti-semitic and sometimes neo-Nazi conspiracy theories about Sandy Hook, Columbine, 9/11 and UFOs.

Sure, they carry the usual holocaust dential stories and  “revisionist” coverage about heroic German soldiers fighting Stalin in World War II. But of special interest to Asians whose nations were victimized by the Japanese Empire, they had a piece by Dr. Ingrid Rimland Zundel about Stephen Goodson’s theory that peaceful Japan was victimized by Jewish banksters

Pity the poor Japanese empire: In July 1941 all Japanese assets in England, Holland and America were frozen after Japan had peacefully occupied Indochina, with the permission of Vichy France, in order to block off China’s southern supply routes. At the same time an oil embargo was enforced. Without oil Japan could not survive.

Peacefully occupied Indochina?? That’s a good one.

Now back to China. Gordon Duff wites:

This is what can be published of the document China submitted.  By “can” I do not mean what is allowed, only what can reasonably be published on a forum with plausible deniability.

  • Proof that China has a military treaty with a powerful and utterly hostile alien force
  • A statement of intent that an invasion is inexorable and cannot be opposed using available military technology
  • China submitted a detailed plan for preparations including managed news, planned regional conflicts to prestage areas for settlement, etc.
  • Included was a list of upcoming events, earthquakes and other catastrophes and how nations could cooperate to minimize impact

A previously known threat, a nano-substance known to inhabit seaborne oil deposits, had been activated by a signal from an off planet location.  This substance has become sentient, aggressive and shown itself capable of disabling ships and killing humans.(strong confirmations)

Now Asian Americans can come to one of two conclusions about this. Either Veterans Today and its backers at alternative-to-western/zionist Press-TV know the real truth about 9/11 and mass shootings and false flag attacks. Or some bad people with a big budget are making up a bunch of crazy stories to promote the opposite of the truth to harm Americans and their allies.

Other Baffling Mysteries

Nathan Campbell’s Venice Beach Non-Terrorist Attack

Police have absolutely no idea what the motive might have been for Nathan Campbell to carefully drive around barriers and run over as many people as possible in a black Dodge Avenger at Venice Beach who almost certainly must have hit some Asian people.

Witnesses are pretty sure he was driving cause as much mayhem as possible. This fellow was supposedly homeless and penniless, yet he had enough money to buy a $10,000 used car in Colorado. After all, this incident has nothing at all in common with the Jerusalem BMW attack in which  Palestinian Qassem Mughrabi drove an expensive BMW into a group of Israeli soldiers standing by the street, injuring 19 before he was shot by a another soldier who quickly “assessed that it was a terror attack”. Although the Palestinian Ma’an news agency identified Mughrabi as a member of the terrorist group Hamas,  Mughrabi’s family said their son was murdered without cause as “he did not carry out a terrorist attack”. It was just an accident as he  did not have a driving license and just lost control of the car. Right. It doesn’t take long for an Israeli soldier to figure out a motive of a car rampage. Yet American authorities just don’t get why anybody would want to kill citizens of the #1 supporter of Israel and the leader of the War on Terror.

Iranian Jewish Grandmother And Baby Stroller Hit in 2003 Santa Monica Rampage

A lot of stories are comparing this to George Russell Weller‘s 2003 Santa Monica Farmer’s Market Massacre. The man who was 87 at the time accidentally drove his Buick through a crowd leaving 10 dead and 63 hurt. Those his lawyer argued he might have mistaken his gas for his brake, he was found guilty of 10 counts of vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence. Witnesses said they never saw any brake lights, and he was asking how many people he had run over when he was finished, though he was apologetic later.

The religion and nationality of two of the victims however might give a clue as to his motive, and what terrorist state might have had something to do with it. The LA Times  wrote about the hundreds of Iranian Jews who mourned grand mother Molok Ghoulian Nabatian who was pushing a stroller with 7-month-old grandson Brandon Esfahani Davidi who were shopping for vegetables for the Jewish Sabbath and just happened to be in the path of Wellers car which must have been completely out of control since only what terrorist would deliberately target a Jewish Iranian baby in a stroller? The oldest victim was also a jewish immigrant, and there was another 3 yr old girl that was killed.

Beijing Parking Space Stroller Attack

I put in a quarter to buy a paper copy of China Daily to read about two fellow Han and Li who politely asked a woman to move a stroller so they could park their car. When she refused, they got out, beat the woman, and lifted out the 2 year old girl, and threw her on the pavement, and she died not long after that. I’ve seen the same story on other western news outlets.

What’s Up With Baby Stroller Non-Jihad Attacks?

Now what’s really odd is that if you look up strollers and deaths or injuries, it’s not hard to find that there have been a number of television news stories of people who look as if they are deliberately trying to hurt babies in strollers for no particular motive.

On July 21, a minivan in Lynn Massachusetts accidentally backed up repeated over a 60 year old woman with a baby stroller, killing the woman but the baby survived. On June 22, national broacast TV news carried a viral video of a van backing up over woman and stroller, but fortunately the driver was thoughtful enough to allow mother to pull baby out of stroller In March, 17-year-old De’Marquise Elkins and another black juvenile youth in Georgia threatened and shot a white mother after asking her for money and then shot the infant boy Antionio West in the stroller in the face, killing him. In May 201, a mother was pushing her four-year-old daughter in a stroller on a crosswalk in Scottsdale Arizona were run over as the light changed, but no arrest was made. In June 2008 Jeifer Pisano ran after a driver in Seattle who nearly ran over her and her baby in a stroller, who then revved up his Honda and ran over the stroller several times, but the stroller was strong enough to protect the child. There is absolutely no motive in any of these incidents other than perhaps the usual mental illness.

But there are a few cases where there is a religious / political motive. Back in June 2001, a five month old baby was killed when stones were thrown at a car near an Israeli settlement in the West Bank. And in March 26, 2001a 10 month old Israeli baby girl Shalhevet Pass  In Hebron Israel was shot in the head in her stroller by a Palestinian terrorist sniper from a nearby hill. Her father was wounded. Of course these have nothing to do with  the attacks in China or the US since these are not attacks on Israelis/Jews by the usual groups obviously hostile to them. Afterall, when an Arab targets an Israeli baby, the motive is obvious. But if someone who isn’t Arab attacks a baby that isn’t Jewish in exactly the same way, we don’t have a clue why anyone, not even somebody who as been secretly recruited with no visible links to terrorist groups to attack an American or Chinese victim, would want to do such a thing.

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