Japanese Underwater Photographer Helps Cancer Survivors

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA — A San-Francisco based underwater photographer launched an innovative and
philanthropic fundraiser last month to benefit cancer survivors using the crowdfunding website Indiegogo.com.
Erena Shimoda plans to provide free underwater photography and healing sessions for 10 cancer survivors
located on the West Coast through this campaign, titled “Underwater Healer – About Face”.

Erica Yee, one of the 10 cancer survivors for Erena Shimoda's Underwater Healer About Face campaign. Photo by Erena Shimoda.

Erica Yee, one of the 10 cancer survivors for Erena Shimoda’s Underwater Healer About Face campaign. Photo by Erena Shimoda.


She has partnered with IHadCancer.com to raise $17,000. All of the funds raised will benefit cancer survivors — 60% will be used to cover the costs to provide these portrait sessions to the survivors and the remaining 40% will be donated directly to www.ihadcancer.com, an online support community where cancer survivors, fighters and supporters can connect with one another and share their stories.

Shimoda pioneered her underwater healing therapy practice after surviving a life-changing, traumatic car accident in which she lost her father and nearly lost her vision as well as her left arm. She has since achieved the status of Dive Master and established underwater photographer. She has combined the two in her pioneering underwater healing therapy practice.

“I wanted to share my own experience of recovery with others, especially cancer survivors,” Shimoda said. “I have worked with cancer survivors before and to see their faces as they look at their photographs is a truly wonderful experience.”

As numerous testimonials illustrate, Shimoda’s powerful and transformative Underwater Healing Portrait Sessions help cancer survivors to rediscover their beauty, regain their confidence and self esteem and provide an experience of transcendence. Her work can be viewed here: http://underwaterhealer.com/testimonials. She has completed four shoots and will be shooting photographs until November.

For more information, please contact Erena Shimoda, San Francisco, California:


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