The Black Thai Speaking Asiaphile Buddhist Terrorist

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Aaron Alexis in Thailand UK channel 4

Aaron Alexis in Thailand UK channel 4

Navy Shooter A Black Thai Speaking Asiaphile Buddhist Terrorist

You get that same feeling when airplanes hit the World Trade Center and Pentagon, or when an Korean went amok in Virginia Tech or when a Army psychiatrist suffers Sudden Jihad Syndrome at Fort Hood. Sure the authorities are completely sure there absolutely no reason to suspect terrorism as a motive for Aaron Alexis. After all, he may have acted like a trained American Taliban commando on a carefully planned martyrdom operation. But that certainly isn’t adequate to prove or even speculate if he was one. Heck, Major Nidal Hasan told the Army judge he WAS fighting for the Taliban, but she wouldn’t hear of it, it was probably just some crazy story he made up to justify his horrendous crime.

We already have the experience of  Columbine, Aurora, and Sandy Hook which have all been determined to be completely unrelated non-terrorist incidents committed by crazy people on meds that only LOOKED like Al Qaeda had somehow recruited Americans to do their bidding. After all, who on earth would have the capability and actually want to pull an operation like that, and how could they possibly do it and not leave any evidence?

Worst Military Attack Since Fort Hood and 9/11 Pentagon

The former Naval reserve technician turned PC fixer killed a dozen people. He targeted a US military base 1.5 miles from the US Capitol building. It was the worst attack on a US military base since 13 were killed at Fort Hood, and the worst attack on DC since the 9/11 Pentagon attack which killed 125, though it fell short of the score of Korean American college senior Seung-Hui Cho who killed 32 people and wounded 17  at Virginia Tech. But it’s not a military attack unless the attacker wears a uniform, and a black DIY commando fatigues don’t count.

Al Qaeda Loves This Guy

Funny, there was one commentator who remarked that Al Qaeda would probably love to hire a guy with a security clearance like that, and Jihad Watch notice that various jihad websites and facebook groups were celebrating and wishing it was one of those operations that Al Queda was calling for. Of course, it doesn’t mean they had anything to do with it, but they wish they did.  And of course the usual 9-11 truthers like Alex Jones and other websites that carry alternative news stories from Iran’s PressTV are spinning it as a “false flag attack” to divert attention to the war against Syria. You might assume that if some hostile intelligence agency like North Korea had recruited Alexis while he was in Japan or Thailand and was behind the attacks and they had a disinformation network, that they would be flooding the internet with stories blaming the US government and/or  Israel. But clearly there’s no evidence of anything like that.  There’s the same PTSD claim that people were using to explain Major Hasan’s “true” motive, along with an obsession with 9-11 which seems to afflict so many American mass shooters.

Targeted Individuals

You’ve got to know your conspiracy theories, like “targeted individuals”, which is where Alexis got the idea that he was hearing voices beamed at him from a microwave device.  It also affected one Fuad Abdo Ahmed who had just returned from a trip to his ancestral terrorist haven of Yemen who also claimed to hear voices from a chip implanted by his sister. The voices told him to take hostages at the Louisiana bank across the street from his parent’s store and shot two of them before he was shot by police. He left a Facebook account with a picture of a fellow attacking “oppression”, and a network of militant Islamist friends and he “liked” Islam. Authorities couldn’t find any links to terrorists in Yemen, so it’s just a troubled kid who flipped out. It’s not like anybody ever heard of terrorists acting like they are crazy or using car accidents, drugs, alcohol, racial hatred or mental illness as a cover story for harming somebody.

Santa Monica Shooting

And the motive of another nice boy  John Zawahri remains a mystery why he dressed up and armed himself  like a terrorist, shot his father and brother, set fire to their house, shot up various cars and buses while carjacking his way to Santa Monica College  and shot up some more people. It looked like he was fulfilling somebody’s order for terrorism that had crossed off almost everything on the to-do list except a chemical weapons attack. His mother was away in Lebanon, which happens to be the capital of every terrorist organization that isn’t based in Yemen or Pakistan. Some ignorant people though Zawahri was a Muslim, but most thought his family was Christian.  Like RFK shooter Sirhan Sirhan who was the first Palestinian terrorist attack on US soil, and whose motives remain “unclear” to this very day.

Who is Mohammed Salem?

Alexis lived a life that left a trail that makes him look like your average whacked out Thai-speaking Buddhist brother who was way too much into guns, booze, video games and Asian massage and  women and otherwise showed no interest in Jihad. But it’s a complete mystery to authorities why he would create a website called “Mohammed Salem” that he didn’t do anything with. Maybe it was going to be a tribute to the Yemen Prime Minister of the same name who just escaped an assassination attempt  by the same folks who made Yemen the new base for Al Qaeda. Yemen was also the homeland of American 9/11 Imam Anwar Al-Awlaki who was a spiritual model for the 9/11 hijacker, Major Hasan and the underwear bombers, and Ansar Al-Sharia which did that Benghai “protest” with heavy machine guns and a dozen jerry cans of gasoline.

Little Rock Recruiting Office Shooting

Months before Fort Hood, there was the little-known 2009 Little Rock Recruiting office shooter of 2 and killing of 1 soldier where black Muslim convert Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad told the judge on a handwritten note that he got his orders from Al Qaeda in Yemen. Hasan probably knew him because who told fellow soldiers the attack was justified. Another recruiting office was the target of an FBI sting which caught another jihadist Antonio Benjamin Martinez in Baltimore, while a Times Square recruiting office was also bombed.  So police were completely baffled when an SUV ran over a couple of Army recruiters, which was an accident, an then dragged one of them for nearly a mile. Sometimes people just do crazy things. Sometimes it’s not an accident.


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