Asian Family Runs From Motorcycles

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Asian Family Runs From Motorcycles

SUV mother and child

SUV mother and child






Update: 10/7/2013 An undercover cop was the guy who broke his tailgate window:

A damning new video contradicts an undercover NYPD detective’s story about his role in a motorcycle mob’s attack on a panicked driver, a police source said Tuesday. While the cop claimed the beatdown was breaking up when he reached the scene, the seconds-long video clip caught him joining the bikers who surrounded the Manhattan family in their SUV. “It shows him punching the back window, and then as the camera is moving, it catches him maybe throwing a kick at the side of the car,” the source said. “Once the beating starts you can see him hop on the bike and take off,” the source said. “So he’s not involved in the assault, but he lied. He wasn’t truthful.”   ** Ohhh, he was just destroying the car and terrorizing the occupants, nothing serious ****

They caught on one of the bikers stomping on Lien: Craig Wright, 29, “is the one on the video stomping the (victim) at least three times, as well as (throwing) the original punch,” said Assistant District Attorney Samantha Turino.

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ABC Video shows lead motorcycle’s side of the story. He was just trying to change lanes, not intent to cause any type of problem??? The judge did not believe him, do you?

This comenter didn’t buy it either:
Davitt J. Potter  Bull. He pulled in front of the SUV, brake-checked him, and then this group of squids acted like squids do. I rode motorcycles for 32 years – this behavior is why people hate motorcycles. Not ALL riders do this – a VERY small subset, actually – but this idiot behavior looks bad for EVERYONE who rides. As far as the SUV: Surround me and my wife and kids in my truck, and start banging on my truck? Yeah, I’m getting the hell out of there, too

  • More bull: One of the bikers who spoke to investigators said that Mr Lien ‘drove erratically and bumped the bike on the side,’ adding ‘when he bumped that bike on the side, that bike became aggressive because his life was in danger’ How stupid do they think we are?
  • Photo of SUV on truck shows that the driver’s window smashed, back window smashed, passenger window smashed, front right tire running on rims.
  • Here was another comment: “Beating up a Chinese is quite ok in NYC. WSJ has told them so. Nazis had done the same to Jews. Shame on Obama’s America”
  • Police arrested Allen Edwards (the man who was smashing the window by the baby)  Amazingly the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office declined to prosecute him, because he said he intended to help, not hurt, the driver.
  • The Jawa Report – which normally covers Al Qaeda terrroism – The tires were slashed – a still photo shows that right front tire peeled off almost immediately, and photos of the Range Rover show it was driving on rims, like the Humvees in Blackhawk down. When counter-Jihad websites start covering, it makes you wonder if AQ is hiring 2 bit thugs and criminals to pull off small, untraceable acts of terrorism.
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Many Asian families still haven’t heard of the September 30 attack on the driver of a Range Rover who found himself stopped and surrounded by a motorcycle gang on a Manhattan parkway. Just months after the Treyvon Martin / Zimmerman case was all about race with every Asian group lining up behind Treyvon, you’d have to pay very close attention to realize the fancy-schmancy “affluent  e-commerce executive” was 33 yr old Asian American Alexian Lien who was put into the nightmare scenario of how to protect his 28 yr old wife Rosalyn Ng and their five month old baby girl in the back seat.

It started when Lien and 200 other motorists called 911 about erratic driving by a pack of motorcycles which soon picked out an appropriately upscale vehicle driven by an Asian or white driver and the leader Christopher Cruz maneuvered for a “brake check” to slow the victim to a stop. As the bikers started to damage his car, and Lien quickly sized up the situation, he chose to protect his wife and child by stepping on the gas. Without an exit route, his SUV rolled over cyclist Jeremiah Mieses, and he was chased across town where they tried to rip out his door.

When stuck in traffic, one of the bikers pounded on the window next to the child. A biker witness says he was only trying to help by calming the child. Another biker smashed the driver window with a helmet, pulled Lien out and beat him in sight of his wife and daughter. Lien was treated for stitches and treatment of injuries to his face. Christopher Cruz, 28 was charged with reckless endangerment, reckless driving and acting in a manner injurious to a child younger than 17. Friends and family of Jeremiah Mieses who was evidently hospitalized with critical injuries were the ones who posted helmet-cam video on conspiracy-site Liveleaks with the remarkable point of view that  “SUV driver attacks helpless well behaved motorcyclists”, and went to appeal their case for innocence by appealing on CNN and network news demanding “justice” for their fallen comrade. In interviews biker witnesses called the father “reckless” and a “maniac”. One CNN expert said the driver should have stopped and waited for police rather than endangering riders, and others questioned if the counter-assault was really necessary.

The Asian American movement was heroic in pursuing justice for Vincent Chin in the 1980s. But they were sorely missing in action for the Korean shopkeepers in the Rodney King riots who were painted as villians and also absent for the South Philadelphia high school pogram, and Robert Eric Wone whose politically correct murderer(s) were never caught. With the media complex seeming ready to turn a gutsy Asian father into the next George Zimmerman, Asians and our friends cannot stand idly by and let political correctness run its course.

There is now a facebook support group!/JusticeForAlexianLienNow

which can be contacted with tips and news stories to and has already collected numerous videos and links that reveal the true character of the motorcycle gang members. It speaks volumes for biker supporters when they are already filling the open group with racist insults and curses about f–ing ch—ks and wishing harm on the wife and baby, but this could well bring a national forum about the often sorry state of relations and violence between Asian and African Americans who could have much to share and help in cultural, education and economic terms rather than inflaming negative stereotype or encouraging negative attitudes from either side.

Meanwhile over the past few weeks, we’ve got a lot of odd, unrelated things going on where officials have to announce “no it’s not terrorism”, and it seems it’s not hard to compile multiple incidents in one day. If somebody were hiring crazy middle class people and 2-bit ex-cons to conduct clandestine attacks on schools and random individuals, and 20 people shot in 20 locations in Chicago over two days, would anybody even notice a war was going on or just write it off as your usual gangs and workplace psychos? Not every attack has to involve ships at Pearl Harbor or the Pentagon. Is there really “no conceivable motive” to attack Fort Hood, the White House, the Capitol and the Navy Yard besides mental illness? Even if we don’t count all the terrorist attacks from the Philippines to Nigeria on people and churches and police across the planet, that’s more action that the actual war in Afghanistan where zero Americans are hurt on an average day over there.

Asian America seems to have more than our share of people acting like terrorists who seem intent on harming people for no particular reason or cause. Minorities like us and African Americans need to be equally outraged about our brothers and sisters in crime as well as our victims:

  • The first shot fired in the sequence of unrelated attacks on DC was the Green Paint lady who was a homeless Chinese woman 58-year-old Tian Jiamel whose visa from China just expired. How does somebody have enough money for a flight from China, then become homeless? She hit not only the Lincoln memorial which had never been vandalized since it opened, but an organ at the National Cathedral, and a statue of Martin Luther outside another church. The only people upset about Lincoln are the neoconfederates, but I’ve never heard of any in China. Hundreds of churches and christians have been attacked from Nigeria to the Philippines including an Iranian who destroyed a historic Catholic cathedral clock in France, not to mention crazies attacking pastors and churches in this country with “no known motive”. Yet we don’t have any clues if Jiamel had any coherent agenda besides being crazy like Aaron Alexis and Miriam Carey.
  • On September 3, reformed ex-gang member Aloeng Kelly Vang of St Paul became angered when his neighbor complained about his driving, so he came back, knocked on the door at 3AM and shot Jeffrey Thomas Elling (Vang called him “the caucausian guy”) dead. When the police came to investigate he turned himself in.
  • On September 9, 2013,  St. Paul police stopped a drunk Asian driver named Yia Her.  He had a suspended licence, and took off  leading police on a 3 minute high speed chase through Minneapolis before he ran a red light and T-boned a car killing 20 year old Brody A. Sotona and injuring his passenger in a wild chase much like the DC tourist for no apparent motive other than to get the police blamed for a chase which resulted in a fatality.
  • Kenya had a mini-Mumbai attack at their flagship mall complete with belt-fed machine guns, bombs which demolished floors, and a stated goal targeting to target Christians and Jews.  While they claimed to be Al Shabab Somalis, it looked more like Al Qaeda than the usual one-grenade in an alley attack by teenagers. While some were Somali, they bragged about their international cast from various Arab nations, the US and across the globe, including a British “white widow” of a London bomber wanted for previous plot.
  • A black middle class dental hygienist Miriam Carey from Connecticut decided to take her child on a driving tour of DC security checkpoints to see how the police would react and shoot at a woman driving like a terrorist dry-run running over secret service agents and ramming barriers and police cars. The nature of her suicide mission became evident when she gave up only by running out of her car to get shot. Like our adopted-Thai Navy Yard shooter, she also believed in electronic signal conspiracies. That means she wants you to think she is a  non-terrorist who was crazy, which could mean she was a real one pretending to be crazy.  Nobody can think of even one logical motive for pulling off the second serious attack in the vicinity of the Capitol in 3 weeks as they did not recognize even one indication of terrorism.
  • On September 25, it was yet ANOTHER Korean guy, 63 year old Sang Ho Kim who walked into Savenergy and shot the owner and killed an employee, resulting in a lockdown of  a nearby Long Island mall and schools and standoff with SWAT police. Police eventually found his Honda Pilot, but didn’t find him until his body showed up in the Hudson river, like that missing Boston Bombing student. Evidently he shot himself and then fell in. Because he targeted a company he had done business with, it wasn’t considered a random shooting. There have been a series of Koreans, with Virginia Tech being the most famous, most of which also targeted spas, camps, schools or businesses they were familiar with.
  • Back in August, Colorado teen girl Isabella Yun-Mi Guzman didn’t like it when her Korean mother complained about the boys she was bringing home. So she cornered her mom in the bathroom and stabbed her 79 times. This story made the evening TV news, and it’s the first story I’ve seen of an Asian or part-Asian girl pulling terroristic stunts like that.
  • A Chicago commuter train had an unexplained mechanical problem when a train parked for service drove by itself crashing into a loading train. It’s unexplained because it would require somebody to use a key to get into the cab, use another key to start it, defeat the “dead man” feature which stops when there is no driver, and defeat the switch. But they found nothing else that suggested criminal intent. For that matter, it was also an accident when a train in Canada mysteriously caught fire when parked, causing brakes to fail, and a train of oil cars to crash and blow up a town. There was evidence of vandalism when somebody loosened the brakes on 3 massive grain cars in Vermont which nearly wiped out some homes, but that didn’t make much news.
  • Most Asians never heard that the first fellow caught on camera being pushed to his death in the subway by a homeless man who was angry about losing a shoe was Korean-born 58-year-old Ki-Suck Han of Queens. A couple of weeks later, anti-Islamphobic sites were outraged about a white woman pushing a non-Muslim Indian man claiming she hated “muslims”, but her extensive criminal record showed her attacking just about anybody but that. Just a week ago, another Hunter college student Maya Leggat was pushed into train in White Plains by a homeless man who demanded money.

There have been even more in the epidemic of  “accidental” and “unintentional” attacks on babies and children in strollers and car seats from China to Michigan and New York that may neither accidental nor unconnected. These all started a long time ago when Palestinians started shooting at Israeli babies in car seats as unconventional warfare. The DC rampage mom who deliberately exposed her child to shooting by police is only the latest case of 10 so far this year:

  • The very next day after the SUV attack,  on October 1 a homeless man Julius Graham from Texas stabbed 5 people in a Manhattan riverside jogging park with gardening shears, including a father shielding his son in a baby stroller.
  • On September 1, an Akeem Bernard shot his neighbor”s baby in Brooklyn, both african american
  • An african american boy Antiq Hennis was shot and killed in his stroller in Brooklyn, police thought his father was the target. But with 4 shots fired and none hitting the father, the baby was probably the target. Suspect, Daquan Breland in the Hennis case was previously convicted in a June 2009 when he and two of his cousins were hired by a white woman Leslie Jo Peltier to shoot jump out of a car and fire shotguns randomly into a crowd in Auburn, New York.  So it’s not simply a matter of African Americans acting badly if there was a white woman behind it planning at least one of these incidents.
  • In the  July case of slamming a stroller girl to the ground over a parking spot, Han Lei, 39 was charged with intentional homicide and sentenced to death in Beijing, China, while his driver Li Ming got 5 years in jail. His cover story was that he was drunk and angry
  • In July a minivan in Lynn, Massachusetts killed the mother pushing a stroller. The baby survived but no motive or suspect was found
  • They arrested Antonio Keshawn Raglin who was on national television as the man who backed his minivan over a stroller in Muskegon Michigan. He one of several people shot at the Elks Lodge arrested on weapons charges

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