Mao’s Holocaust Deniers

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Mao’s Holocaust Deniers

First we had the National Socialism apologists who denied that 6 million Jews were killed by the Nazis during the WWII “holocuast”. Now the New York Times tells us that leaders in China are alarmed that “historical nihilism” is an ideological threat that maligns the historical record of the Communist Party, slamming the “big rumor” that 20 to 30 million Chinese starved to death as a result of Mao’s economic and political mistakes. Ironically I think most Americans are still unaware of this mass atrocity, certainly in comparison with the Jewish or Armenian genocide as the line I grew up with is “the communists aren’t so bad, at least nobody starved”. The widely accepted historical line is:

The famine that gripped China from 1958 to 1962 is widely judged to be the deadliest in recorded history, killing 20 to 30 million people or more, and is one of the defining calamities of [The Great Leap Forward and] Mao Zedong’s rule

Western accounts vary from 17 to 45 million, but they beg to differ, offering a number smaller by a factor of 10 that was merely 2.5 million or so “nutritional fatalities”, and the number was inflated by people who forgot to re-register when they moved, and it was the fault of weather and other acts of we-don’t-believe-in-God.

Yang Jisheng, 72, a historian and former Xinhua News Agency journalist in Beijing published  the landmark study “Tombstone”  in Hong Kong in 2008. He estimates that 36 million people died because of brutality and food shortages, and calls denials “a disturbing symptom of present-day political anxieties.”

Asian Gunmen Crash Hmong New Years Party, Shoot 4

At a Tulsa Oklahoma Hmong New Years gathering, people had finished a toast and were lining up for food on October 12, 2013. Then a man that no one recognized walked in and started shooting into the crowd of 300 to 400 people with a .40 cal pistol, wounding five. That’s essentially the same thing Major Nidal Hasan tried to do at Fort Hood, but of course Homeland Security didn’t classify that mass shooting as terrorism, but a “workplace incident” since he was unhappy about his next posting in Afghanistan.

Of course, authorities are completely cluess as to what a possible motive might be since it can’t be terrorism without a detailed confession of who or what cause these guys were working for. Two men Boonmlee Lee, 21, and Meng Lee, 19 were arrested when a police helicopter spotted a car leaving with its lights out. The Hmong were secret US allies in the Vietnam war, which makes one wonder if somebody is trying to even scores this long after the end of the war. About 4,000 Hmong who are thought to have originated from China in ancient times and came mostly from Laos live in the state. Perhaps Hmong experts can let us know if men named Boonmlee and Meng are Hmong or southeast Asian as those are not common Chinese or Korean names. Most of the Asians who have been shooting at crowds the past few years have been Korean or Vietnamese, but we may be getting some other Southeast Asians with the San Francisco State Muni shooter who was Thai, and Aaron Alexis who was effectively an adopted Thai mass murderer.



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