Festival Shooters Were Hmong With LA Gang Ties

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Boonmlee Lee, 21, one of two men facing multiple charges in the shooting of five people at a traditional Hmong New Year's festival in Tulsa, Okla., Saturday Oct. 12, 2013.

Boonmlee Lee, 21, one of two men facing multiple charges in the shooting of five people at a traditional Hmong New Year’s festival in Tulsa, Okla., Saturday Oct. 12, 2013.

Hmong Shooters had gang ties

A judge has set november hearings for Boonmlee Lee and Meng Lee. It is now known the two shooters as well as the shoot-ees were all ethnic Hmong. Boonmlee is believed to be connected to the Menace of Destruction gang in California, which may explain things as a lot of gang members are pulling jobs that look a lot like simply terrorist attacks on random crowds or assassinations, though they knew one of the victims who mediated a dispute, but not in their favor.  A quick check of history shows that the Hmong were recruited by the CIA during the Vietnam war to harass communist troops who were running the Ho Chih Minh trail through Laos. They suffered at the hands of the Pathet Lao after the US withdrew its forces, sending many fleeing and becoming refugees who settled in the United States. With Al Qaeda being caught recruiting new yellow jihadists from Vietnam, nobody will probably investigate if there is something bigger behind the shooting than two angry gang members.

SF State Muni Shooter Was Thai Gun Nut

Nikhom Thephakaysone, 30, was the man accused of firing a single fatal shot at San Francisco State University student Justin Valdez “for no apparent reason” as the college. Nobody seemed to notice that the name points at ethnic origins from Thailand, which also happened to be the adopted culture of Aaron Alexis, the black Navy Yard shooter, and a search of Thai mass killings brings up the 1991 Buddhist temple massacre in which 9 people were shot execution style in which two teens, one of whom was an Asian who had a brother who had studied at the temple,  scaled up a robbery plot into a military style terrorist attack. Jonathan Doody’s trial was re-opened this year when a judge threw out the original conviction for trial errors. South Thailand is also plagued by an Islamist insurgency with bombings and attacks on school, police, and teachers. Press accounts say that the gunman made visual threats at two locations, which reported him to police before he went on a train where video shows that he was playing with his gun for everyone to see except they were all “cellphone zombies” not paying attention until he finally picked his target as he walked out of the train.  He might be some random crazy guy except that when they searched his parents house, cops found he had assembled the textbook not-a-terrorist  “mass shooter” armory of multiple handguns and assault rifle and too much ammunition along with a survival kit in his backpack that evidently was not about being prepared for the next earthquake. This guy was no hobbyist but all prepped up for a mission.



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