AT&T Reveals 3 Short Films Shot With Smartphones by Aspiring Filmmakers

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LOS ANGELES, CA — Three young filmmakers completed the journey of their dreams and brought fans along for the ride. AT&T and ISAtv today released the three short films from the AT&T Take Your Shot contest winners. And they shot the films using the latest smartphones provided by AT&T, along with the help of noted filmmakers.

Eager fans got a sneak preview of the films by watching sneak peeks of short clips and the trailer. Fans participated in the making of the films through weekly polls since the contest launched on July 30.

Beginning Oct. 21, fans can finally see how their votes influenced the finished projects:

·         Weight of Love by Alexander Natalizio, teamed with Freddie Wong: Weight of Love is a visually-compelling, silent film. Fan voting helped secure the leading role for Wendy Nguyen, a popular actress and fashion blogger of Wendy’s Lookbook. She plays the weightless “Aria” who falls for “Adam” (played by Freddie’s actor brother Jimmy Wong) as he helps her cope with her condition.

·         Luv[sic] by Brian Zhang, teamed with Wong Fu Productions: An online writer “Alice” (played by Anna Akana) faces off with “Daniel” (played by Andrew Fung), who unknowingly left a trolling comment on her website. Per their wish, fans can watch Daniel’s pop-n-lock dance after he wins a date with Alice. Before shooting, Wong Fu won the funniest sneak peek video by fan voting; the team was rewarded with bubble tea for everyone on set.

·         G&G Adventures by Robynne Guillermo, teamed with Jon M. Chu: This tale follows two kids who thought their grandparents weren’t cool enough. After all, “Grandma Allie” (played by Cici Lau) and “Grandpa Jo” (played by Cary Mizobe) call YouTube “that box of videos where we watch cats.” The grandchildren are surprised when they discover their grandparents’ exciting lives.

Awards will be given to the short films and directors. Fans can vote for Best Original Score, Best Smartphone Cinematography, Best Screenplay, and Best Cast Performance. Voting opens for two weeks, closing on Nov. 3.

AT&T Take Your Shot invited three amateur film enthusiasts to use the Samsung Galaxy® S4, Nokia Lumia 1020 and Motorola Moto XTM to bring their film ideas to life. Based on fan voting and interviews, Natalizio, Zhang and Guillermo won the opportunity after competing against nearly 3,000 contestants.

Visit for the premiere of Luv[sic], Weight of Love and G&G Adventures.

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