Headlines Bring Halloween Terror Every Day?

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(updated 11/31)
imagesThere was a novel series and a movie called “Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events”. It was inspired by all of the headlines of terrible things happening to people for random reasons, author Daniel Handler thought it would be make a funny book for children about a group of orphans whose departed parents were involved in a secret organization, and they a distant cousin Count Olaf who was trying to stage horrible accidents that nobody ever figured out. I suppose that’s no worse an explanation than the internet conspiracy-sphere which is always blaming every incident on some combination of the Illuminati, freemasons, zionists and reptilian UFO aliens.

So, what if we run down the past few weeks and break down some of the random not-so-harmless tricks that have been going on.

November 1: This authorities finally had the cohones to officially call him a terrorist shooter in camouflage at Los Angeles LAX airport who had some kind of long assault rifle or shotgun and lots of ammo after the usual “investigators were working to determine the motivation for the attack” nonsense. Why does it that only people with a degree in criminal justice have to take more than a half hour to figure why somebody would shoot up an airport checkpoint? The gunman, who it turns out was another off-duty TSA agent  just walked up to the screening checkpoint and shot and killed a TSA agent, but the shooter got hit too. Another TSA agent who looked like hell told folks “I’m good, I’ve been shot before”. Rest assured, the multiple dry ice fake bombs or the fake bomb in Florida by a Bosnian immigrant or airport boy’s test to see if he could dodge security or shootings or self-immolation or paint attacks in DC or gas barges, propane and fertilizer plants exploding or deadly school incidents or 4 mass murders in 4 days still have nothing to indicate any of those could have had links to terrorism, as if that would make them any less dangerous. There were 3 killed in a bunch of shootings Halloween in New York City, and a bus drove off a slippery bridge yesterday into a river, but the kids are okay.

Meanwhile.. Blackfish is a real life terror story of Fish Gone Jihad after fictional sharks, Jonah, and Pinnochio. The CNN documentary gives a not-completely balanced tale of divers that are sorry when they realized they were baby snatching in the Puget Sound, and whale apologists who believe they have brain parts humans don’t have that support super powers of social organization and emotional sense superior to human males (ok that’s not saying much…)  Then the evil whale-nappers went to Iceland when liberal Seattle told them they were not welcome. It’s hard to tell whether the subject “Tilly” or Tilicum is the protagonist or victim, as he was bullied by smaller female whales in Victoria who literally chewed on him all night, because in the wild, the females run the show and keep the males at a distance. Tilly was also bullied further when paired with a trained whale who was punished every time Tilly got a new routine wrong with him, which was a lot. Victoria Sealand was shut down after a trainer was killed after falling in the pool, either because Tilly deliberately killed the trainer or was just trying to help her out of the water, badly. When he got moved to Sea World, he was loved by trainers, but chewed up and harassed even more by his fellow whales. He was the main suspect when an after hour intruder was found naked in the water with an external organ or two bitten off. The big story was when at SeaWorld Orlando in 2010 40-year-old trainer Dawn Brancheau was pulled underwater and killed. Trainers who looked at the video said that Tilicum  was having a bad day, and didn’t appreciate the “bad dog” whistle when he flubbed a flipper pass. Sea World blamed the trainer, and said the whale was just playing with a pigtail, but another witness says they he just bit her arm clean off. Now when people or even dogs kill people, there are penalties, but Tilicum still has his job as long as people don’t get into the water with him. He’s the most successful sire in captivity, with 21 offspring, but some wonder about the wisdom of breeding the whale who Wikipedia records the biggest fatal scorecard against his human captors. 

Thursday October 31  USA Today notes the trend for Terrors Every Day with 4 mass killings in 4 days show how random murder can be along with LA Times  Four days, four massacres, 21 dead — and as always, few answers, but they just think it’s a fluke, no way anybody like Maxwell Smart’s KAOS could be orchestrating random mayhem like this.  Maybe somebody should tell them about all the kids last week who shot or stabbed their math teachers, brought a gun to school in Vancouver because voices told him to shoot a bully, then shoot himself, or the kid in Chico who figure out how to fire a locked AR-15 on a police motorcycle, all in 3 days.  Thais are horrified over skin cream ads! ( Guardian)  Thailand racism row reignited by Unilever ad for skin-whitening cream  Nightmare of Sirachi City Asians and our non-Asian friends  are eating way too much Pho:  Sriracha sauce factory odor causing headaches, burning eyes, city says (Los Angeles Times)  Robbers armed like mujahideen commandos with assault weapons  grab $300,000 from armored car: Philadelphia police search for 3 suspects in robbery spree. Everybody run for the lifeboats, Noonan announces Obamacare is Taking On Water Wikipedia officially declares Healthcare.gov a software disaster. Any software person can tell you when the system is ready to beta test for the very first time it works strewn with bugs from top to bottom, you are about 50% into the project, NOT TWO WEEKS FROM LAUNCH. And anybody that tells you it will be fixed in one month is as stupid as anybody that voted for “change” in 2008… Tuesday October 28 It’s an absolute disgrace that after the terrifying nearly-terrorist attack on Alex Lien’s family, there is still not a single peep from either the Asian or African American civil rights communities either condemning attacks on Asians by either Black or White suspects or apologizing for the brazen attack on their family SUV, with nearly a dozen arrests including the supposed cop who wasn’t trying to create an exit route when he broke the back window. Not one apology from any of the bikers who are still describing it as an attack by a crazed SUV maniac who was tossing drinks out of his sunroof. What they DO complain about at the worthless 80-20 is a harmless Jimmy Kimmel skit about little kids who are too young to know it’s not politically corrrect to say “hurt everybody in China” when responding to how Americans should treat their Asian creditors. These little kids and comedians aren’t the ones that are going to do the anti-Asian pogrom like the LA riots, or South Philadelphia high school.

Monday October 27, the Chinese government has managed to scrub their internet and news of any evidence that a jeep managed to squeeze through the only opening in the safety fence and mow down 38 and kill 5 people right under the nose of the portrait of Chairman Mao. Even the western media seems to think it smells like an attack, though in China there aren’t any usual suspects except perhaps for the occasional riots from Muslims in far away corners. The media still hasn’t connected it to the three-wheel bicycle bomb attack on a school, which unlike the usually crazy guy attack with knives on kindergarteners does look an awful like something a terrorist might set off. Update – the government announced it officially figured out nobody randomly crashes and burns his jeep after slipping through a crack and mowing down 100 people. The attackers were identified as an ethnic Uighur family operation with Usmen Hasan, his mother Kuwanhan Reyim, and his wife Gulkiz. They found a pile of jihad terrorist supplies in the Jeep and a house they raided in the uppity province of Xinjiang where the locals who are of Turkish stock want a sharia-compliant ‘East Turkestan’.

It’s funny that Singapore-based Rohan Gunaratna slammed China for lacking “high-grade, high-quality intelligence to fight terrorism”, but at least they realized it WAS terrorism. It’s the first time ANYBODY has called out these mass-runover attacks as terrorism. China still hasn’t figured out why people have been bombing apartments, stabbing kids at schools or blowing up buses. They accepted as face value that a man in Guandong he ran over a schoolyard full of kids with a truck in 2008 was because was unhappy about his job prospects, not because he was actually trying to pull off a Seung-Hui Cho style school massacre with four wheels. Here in the states, the Obmama administration still hasn’t acknowledged that attacks on soldiers in Fort Hood or a Little Rock recruiting station were acts of terrorism. They are still scratching their heads over why a guy would mow down people in a Los Angeles farmer’s market, accidentally running over a Jewish Iranian grandmother pushing a baby in a stroller, or why a homeless man would do the same in Venice Beach in his Dodge avenger, or if a medical issue really was the reason an old guy at the back of a hiker parade suddenly decided to take short cut running over everybody to get to the front. The Mexicans think that monster truck that flattened specators instead of old cars just hit his head too hard, even after terrorists torched a couple of other trucks down the street.



Sunday October 27, unidentified gunmen simultaneously attacked power substations in 9 cities in the Mexican state of Michoacan, plunging 1 million people into darkness for 15 hours while they torched another energy infrastructure with 4 gas stations. Cartels are noted for drive by shootings, but surgically taking down the power grid, doesn’t that take electrical engineers and an intelligence agency to come up with the plan? Only weeks before, a man was arrested in Arkansas who cut power lines and dragged down the tower with a bulldozer, and tried to use a cable to get a train to take down a high voltage tower after taking the bolts out of a base. The man claimed to be a part-time swimming pool repairman, but the FBI terrorism squad was not impressed.

That also bring up the recent explosion that shut down the UC Berkeley campus where what they thought was just a theft of some copper wire looked more like a sophisticated attack where somebody knew how to attack their electrical system, and whoever used a high powered rifle to shoot out a large transformer and cut optic fiber internet cables in Silicon Valley, and get past a barbed wire fence to cut cable to take down a 200 ft radio tower in Contra Costa County. That’s not the work of casual high school vandals. In fact most of the “wire theft” incidents which take down power, traffic lights, phone/internet or train service may actually BE attacks on infrastructure, staged as “harmless vandalism”, knowing that Americans are too clueless to figure out what really happened. Afterall, who would deliberately want to destroy power, energy or communications infrastructure? Actually, environmentalists and Al Qaeda both have manuals online on how and why people would do exactly that, but nobody seems to know about it at Homeland Security where their job apparently is to make sure that the Boston Marathon bombings are the ONLY terrorist incident that gets into Wikipedia for 2013.

In India, a coordinated blast of six bombs killed at least 7 at a rally for a hard-line Hindu party, and this time the caught one of the bombers who confessed he was hired by the banned Indian Mujahideen group, which would be understandably be angry at Narendra Modi’s party which is accused of inflaming the mobs that swept through Muslim neighborhoods leaving 1,100 dead in 2002.

On Saturday, Brooklyn found transient Mingdon Chen bloody with an apartment full of a cousin-in-law mother and 4 children hacked up by meat cleaver, calming telling police he did it because he was angry about his economic outlook and was jealous of the mom who was just about to kick him out of her house. The exactly the same excuse the runover-kids-at-school guy used. Most Americans aren’t familiar with the custom in China since 2010 to have strangers hack and slash their way through kindergartens and schools for similarly strange reasons about the same times Americans started to shoot up malls, movie theaters and elementary schools, but nobody has checked to see if this fellow is following the same script, since in this country getting a doctor’s note saying you have mental health issues is as good a license to kill as a DUI for drivers to cause a pile up driving the wrong way on the freeway.

Another two NATO soldiers were wounded and an Afghan killed on an insider attack in Afghanistan. Imagine that, a soldier shooting at other soldiers on a base, just like Major Nidal Hasan who tried to tell the judge he was fighting for the Taliban. That might also explain why a soldier in Washington was stabbed by a fellow soldier after calling him a “cracker”, or why a recently relieved military recruiter shot at two other National Guardsmen at a base in Tennesee, or why an ex-Navy turned contractor decided to go hunting at the Navy Yard. Miriam Carey, the mom who forgot to put a “baby on board” sign when she decided to invite DC police for some moving target practice on her car now has a significant fan club on the internet, including women in Iran who staged a rally in her support, not to mention Time’s Joe Klein who blame Carey’s not-so-leisurely drive, and a man who decided to self-immolate the next day on the Tea Party’s shut down antics. The family of the “burning man” said he wasn’t trying to make a statement, but he was always grumbling about Obama and the government according to his neighbor.

Friday October 25 they announced that Tony Ng was about to be paroled for his role in the 1983 Wah Mee Massacre where they slipped into a gambling den of wealthy restaurant owners in Seattle Chinatown / ID and nearly killed all of the witnesses. Conservative darling Allan West went out on a limb to support Thomas Sowell in the concern that all this publicity about the fake War on Black People was creating a real War on White people with black youth beating two different white WWII elderly veterans, and the 14 year old student (who actually does look a lot like a son if Obama had one) who carefully planned to murder his teacher in the restroom and drag out the body in a recycle bin in Danvers Massachusetts. And the Christian Science monitor connected the Danvers and Sparks Nevada murders of teachers in their schools. But it was worse, there was also a 11 year old in Vancouver Washington who said that “voices” told him to bring a gun and hundreds of rounds of ammo to school to shoot a bully and then shoot himself before authorities got wind of his plans. There was another kid at an elementary school somehow figured out how to fire the AR-15 rifle on a police motorcycle into the safety guard which still sent shrapnel into kids nearby and they held a rally for a Hispanic boy who was shot because he was carrying a replica AK-47 and didn’t drop it fast enough. These things used to happen once year, but 4 in 4 days???

In Roseville, Samuel Duran was wanted, and led police on a chase where he shot 4 ICE officers with an assault-style rifle before surrendering to SWAT police

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