Famed Bay Area Asian Chefs Come Together With Glide

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Asian Chefs Association and Chinese American Community Foundation with over 100 Asian American volunteers at Glide. Photo by Frank Jang.

Asian Chefs Association and Chinese American Community Foundation volunteer at Glide. Photo by Frank Jang.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – On December 9, 2013, the Asian Chefs Association and Chinese American Community Foundation hosted this year’s Chefs Without Borders Holiday Lunch and Dinner at GLIDE, located at 330 Ellis Street in San Francisco. The annual event brings together award-winning chefs and over 100 Asian American community volunteers to serve a free lunch and dinner for 2,500 of Glide’s community of disadvantaged clients.

“The service has become a wonderful tradition at GLIDE and people tell us they look forward to it every year. It’s a great way to start the season of giving,” said Khai Duong, former Executive Chef at Ana Mandara and co-founder of Chefs Without Borders.

Under the direction of Chef Khai and Chef Lawrence Chu, also a co-founder of Chefs Without Borders, members of the Asian Chefs Association and volunteers will prepare an Asian fusion meal.  The meal includes specially prepared dishes and sauces prepared by Chef Khai and Chef Chu for the event. “It’s a lot of work to prepare quality Asian meals for an event like this, but the chefs love this opportunity to give back,” said Chu, whose patrons at Chef Chu’s typically include Silicon Valley’s most elite.


“We are grateful for the kindness, compassion and creativity of the Asian Chefs Association,” said GLIDE founding president Janice Mirikitani. “The Chefs holiday lunch and dinner showcases the diversity and love that you find everyday at GLIDE,” continued GLIDE’s Minister of Liberation Reverend Cecil Williams.

This is the 9th year that the Asian Chefs Association will have hosted the event, and will be joined again by the Chinese American Community Foundation. “As a new foundation, we are honored to co-host such an established event,” said CACF co-founder David Lei. “We are seeing a large number of seniors using GLIDE’s services. This event calls attention to this issue and it pulls together volunteers who want to make a difference.”


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