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Here is a list of some of the major events of terror and mayhem with Asian American connections in 2013, plus a few y0u may not heard of in previous years. It used to be there would be only 1 or 2 things to write about in a year, but 2013 was a bumper crop of unfortunate events. Some of these incidents bear a remarkable similarities to events across the planet as people in Asia and America both are attacking doctors, schools and slashing tires for seemingly unrelated reasons. Unlike some lists of mass casualty events, most of these terror inducing events have no connection at all to the usual Mideast politics or religion. This list will concentrate on Asians who went Bad and Big.

  1. December 16  Harvard Science Center Bomb Was Shut Down By a Bomb Scare  “Unconfirmed” reports of explosives were called in by peace activist Harvard sophomore Eldo Kim from Korea who used a  popular service to hide his internet address. Campus IT and police were able to figure out the one person who used the campus network to reach that service.  He’s in big trouble with up to $250,000 fine under bomb hoax laws. His story he was avoiding final exams seems more believable stereotype than he was just the latest Korean suffering from sudden terrorist syndrome. This incident was completely unrelated to the recent series of campus security incidents and epidemic of false bomb and gunmen threats against schools and businesses nationwide since the Boston marathon bombings.
  2. December 3 University of New Haven Gunman Lockdown  The University of New Haven was locked down after commuter student William Dong was reported as the “Asian male” walking towards the campus with a long gun. He was taken into custody on $500,000 bail after police found an arsenal of ammo rounds and magazines in his padlocked room in his parent’s home. (Doesn’t every Asian parent let their kids padlock their rooms?)  His story was that he was out to  wanted to protect the community from a mass shooter even though he left are more obvious impression that he was planning to be the next Seung-Hui Cho.
  3. November 28 Joseph Hoo Threatens Thanksgiving Family with Machete  after he was asked to leave after showed up to a family Thanksgiving dinner. Police found Joseph Hoo, 48, and his 18-year-old son with an 18-inch machete and two baseball bats which evidently weren’t meant for a turkey day ball game. Hoo was released on his own recognizance, but faces charges of making terroristic threats.
  4. November 5  LA times reports a sophisticated bombing in China with seven improvised explosive devices detonated almost simultaneously near the Communist Party headquarters in Taiyuan, killing one and injuring 8.  Although it is much more elaborate than the Boston bombings, some don’t think he was tied to any terrorist group, and some even applauded the “targeted attack on the Communist mafia… The guy should be considered a national hero,”

  5. November 20 Abbas Lodhi Pharmacist Family Killed by Shotgun  An immigrant to New York State from Pakistan killed his wife while his children were at school, then used his shotgun to kill his two sons and himself after his pharmacy was having problems.
  6. Pinkberry yogurt company co-founder Young Lee was sentenced in the beating of a homeless man in 2011 with a tire iron. Lee said he was enraged by a tattoo he saw when he drove by, so he felt an urge had to stop and beat the man.
  7. October 29  In South Korea  a Chinese man named Heo was arrested for punctured the tires of over 210 cars across Seoul. Heo confessed he was driven into a rage by unpaid wages. That seems to be a common problem across Asia as another Chinese Liu Shuangyun was enraged over precisely the same thing when he set fire to an underwear factory in China that killed 14 women in December 2012. This incident was completely unrelated to an unconnected series of completely random tire slashing sprees across America in Portland, Oregon (500 cars $250,000),  burglary and vandalism of 136 cars in 4 garages in Minneapolis, 100 cars in near Santa Cruz, 79 cars in Puyallup WA, 74 cars in Berkeley and Oakland California by Mandisa Monroe, 56 cars in West Philadelphia by Harry Gaines, or torching of 50 campers in the UK in November, none of which involved unpaid wages. Slashing tires and starting fires is one of the oldest tricks in covert warfare since the US wrote up old OSS spy manuals on sabotage before there was a CIA, but clearly this is just a handful of miscreants, nothing organized here since nobody is at war with America except the Illuminati.
  8. October 28 A vehicle loaded with gasoline and political banners with a family of Islamist Uyghur activists plowed into a crowd, crashed and exploded into flames at Beijing’s  Tiananmen Square. The government called them terrorists, but others said they were just disgruntled freedom fighters. By contrast, no one had any idea what caused another man drove his Dodge Avenger into crowds at Venice Beach when his lawyer said he was just an innocent guy having problems figuring out which pedal did what. Another man at a hiking parade in Virginia drove over 60 people but his doctor gave him a note excusing the accidental carnage because he had a medical condition. Police shot and killed a woman in DC with a child in the back seat after she tried unsuccessfully to drive around car barriers and drove over a cop, but nobody has any idea what she was trying to do as it is inconceivable she, the Navy Yard shooter, and the man who lit himself on fire all in the same week could have been part of a series of attacks on the government like the Uyghurs in Beijing.
  9. October 26 In Brooklyn New York, transient Mingdong Chen suffered sudden terrorist syndrome when he suddenly decided to hack to death his cousin’s wife Qiao Zhen Li and her children with a meat cleaver because he was “unemployed and unhappy with his life” after the mother thought he was creepy and told him to leave. When the police came,  Mingdong as eerily calm as he answered police questions, barefoot and covered in blood. The press noted it was just one of 4 mass murders in 4 days in America.
  10. October 25 There were 3 unconnected  attacks on hospitals in China in just one week. One man unhappy with a nose operation stabbed a doctor in Wenling city to death and wounded two other doctors
  11. Days before, a man leaped to his death after stabbing a doctor six times in Liaoning after complaining about his arm surgery.
  12. Two other doctors were also beaten by angry family members of a patient who died in a hospital in Guangdong province.  This is such so common in China, it has its own name as Chinese hospital staff later staged protests over attacks and stabbing of doctors.  But is the same thing happening in the US as Alan Oliver Frazier‘s shooting of a doctor at a Reno hospital after he told his friends he was in pain from a botched vasectomy?  In November a man in Longview Texas stabbed two hospital workers, killing one, and three visitors. In Arizona chief surgion Dr. Joyce Bonenberger was found dead with her family in a suspicious house fire. In the Twin Cities, a new lawyer Ted Hoffstrom shot ob-gyn Stephen Larson, who delivered him as a boy. Can they be copycat murders when nobody in the US has even heard about the Chinese cases? People wondered if the jeep rampage or the simultaneous bombing near a party headquarters was just another case of a disgruntled citizen using explosions as a method of highlighting a grievance against a school, hospital or official that had wronged him or them
  13. October 17 Sinh Vinh Ngo Nguyen was arrested in California for trying to join al-Qaida in Syria as Hasan Abu Omar Ghannoum.  He was found with a fake passport and had recently traveled to Lebanon and Syria to fight with the freedom fighters of the Free Syrian Army where he made his “first kill” and posted on Facebook that he was “literally having a blast”. His Vietnamese family was surprised as the knew him only as a “faith-driven man who was raised a Catholic, once spent hours talking with Mormon missionaries” and was an improved man after he converted to Islam the year before who continued to attend Catholic Mass with his mother.
  14. October 16  Over a dozen Chengguan officers in China were attacked with sulfuric acid. They do not have full police powers but have been accused of civil rights abuses in trying to keep the streets free from beggars and random street peddlers. The street vendor who started the Arab Spring by setting fire to himself was upset about similar issues. In Zanzibar in a completely unrelated incident, two Jewish volunteer teachers were attacked by presumed Islamist terrorists on a motorcycle after similar attacks and shootings of Catholic priests and moderate Muslim imams.
  15. October 12 Two Hmong men Boonmlee Lee and Meng Lee with LA gang connections were arrested  after a shooting  at a Hmong American Association festival near Tulsa Oklahoma. They shot into a crowd of 300 to 400 people with a pistol, wounding five. There was no motive, but the Hmong are known for their role in the CIA war against the communists in North Vietnam who used Laos as a sanctuary but the communists are surely over being sore about that by now.
  16. September 25  On Long Island in New York Sang Ho Kim, 63 walked into the offices of Savenergy where he was once a vendor, shot at the company’s owner and killed another employee before fleeing. He wasn’t found when SWAT team came, but they determined it was just another targeted workplace incident with a former business associates. Good thing he wasn’t something really dangerous like a North Korean kimchi terrorist. His body was found after he evidently shot himself and jumped into a river.
  17. September 15 In Seattle, a drunken and  stoned Michael Bray was naked from the waist down when he stole a 42 foot yacht and went on a rampage destroying every boat he could hit, causing a half million dollars in damage to boats and docks. He was stopped by a citizen who grazed him with a shotgun blast. His story was that he was a just a harmless mental case who had drunk so much booze and drugs he thought he was CIA being pursued by an Asian ninja woman out to kill him, and he had to shake her off the boat. After all, who would plan to trash a marina sans pants and expect the police to buy a ridiculous cover story that he was just  insane and impaired?  Later another random homeless man figured out how to slip past the gate and start the multi-million dollar fast passenger ferry Victoria Clipper and took it nearly into the path of ferry traffic in Seattle before a SWAT team asked him what he was up to. He wasn’t a terrorist, he was just wanted cross the water to West Seattle without paying the fare since he didn’t have any money.
  18. August 28  Colorado teen  Isabella Yun-Mi Guzman might be the first female Kimchi Psycho who stabbed her Korean mother 79 times after weeks of fights over unsuitable non-Korean male visitors to her home.

.. to be continued

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