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The most selective colleges usually have January 1st application deadlines. A few schools like the University of Washington in Seattle have a December 1st deadline. Turns out there isn’t any good list I could find on colleges that are left after January 1st so I found some, and here are a few. If anybody finds any others, put them in the comments.

If anybody wants to share some of their clever or tearjerker essays, put up a link to your writing and I’ll have a look or make suggestions, or if you have question as to one college vs. another. You don’t even have to be Asian.

Let me repeat my word of wisdom to Asians and anybody afraid of competing with Asians. One big problem is that Asians (and lots of other Americans) can’t count beyond the top 10 schools and think they’ll die or bring shame to their ancestors if they don’t get into MIT, Harvard, Berkeley or Harvard. The reason that fewer than 10% can get in is that every Tom, Dick and Chao just wants a school with a big name and think anybody should be able to apply and get in. You are not doing yourself a favor trying to get into MIT or Caltech unless you are hopelessly fanatically devoted to engineering. I knew two girls in town who did get into Harvard last year, but one was a goddess on the violin, and the other was good at violin AND dance. Your biggest competition is not affirmative action candidates but the OTHER overqualified Asians and upper class white kids. There are lots of other good colleges and universities that are much easier to get into, some with nearly as high test scores and engineering rankings, and in some cases, the ones with fewer Asians are easier to get into. Heck, Vanderbilt is a great school if you don’t mind Tennesee (my Chinese uncle and cousin settled there) with just 7.5% Asians they might actually give an Asian diversity points instead of figuring out how to exclude Asians legally.

So here are some dates:

Jan 8 

Brandeis (Jewish-run alternative to Harvard) 39% admit 13% Asian

Jan 10

Dartmouth,  Amherst, Brown, Columbia, Duke, Middlebury, and Vanderbilt have extended  the January 1 deadline due to Common App issues.

Jan 15 

University of Southern California – my dad did graduate studies there, and they have an awesome football program. #9 ranked engineering may be an Asian B+, not as good as Stanford or MIT but still top 10, and it’s in Los Angeles which seems to be one of the parts of America being jointly annexed by Asia and Latin America. 20% admit, Forbes #63 22.8% Asian

Macalester Nice Twin Cities liberal arts school with science / computer science if not engineering ~40% admit rate, and it’s 25 below right now….

Seattle University Private catholic alternative easier to get into than U Washington with GPA/SAT based scholarship money

Northeastern Decent engineering school that Harvard girl used as a backup for Harvard. It was a joke in the 70s, but has risen like crazy since the 2000s so that’s it’s harder to get in than Boston University. 

Washington University St Louis -Very elite Missouri school, with high scores, good fin-aid money 18% admit rate is hard but not lottery odds. Forbes #57 15% Asian

Vanderbilt just extended their application date. It’s a Southern alternative to Ivy or Stanford.  13% admit Forbes #37 Just 7.5% Asian One bulletin board ranks the engineering about as good as U Minnisota Twin Cities, but much better as an elite private university if you want you classmates to be from upper society. 

Villanova (northwest of Philadelphia) Highly rated Catholic University with good sports teams. Top 15 engineering US News (non-PhD)

“Due to continued technical problems with the Common Application and an overwhelming number of extension requests, the deadline to apply to the University of Chicago has been extended to January 15th, 2014.”  4 years ago, this wasn’t that hard to get into, but now it’s on a number of top 10 lists and admit rate is less than 10%, so good luck if you like the windy city near Obama’s Chicago neighborhood.

Jan 31 

Western Washington University is a decent backup for the for hard-to-get-into U Washington if you don’t mind they killed football years ago or if you don’t like Pullman-in-the-prairie, as Wash State University is the usual rival to UW.

Feb 1 

Stevens Institute of Technology – across the river from New York City

Worcester Polytechnic Institute – about an hour west of Boston, another MIT backup-school, often compared with Boston University

U Wisconsin Madison 2nd admit pool. Top 10 computer science program in a state known for cows and cheese

Perdue (#8 ranked engineering USNews) but Nov is deadline for scholarships and nursing 61% admit

Digipen near Seattle is around 30% to get in, but the un-PC secret is if you are a woman, it’ twice as easy to get in if you don’t mind being surrounded by males who would fit right into Big Bang Theory crowd. The emphasis is on games and robotics, but Microsoft managers like to hire from there too,  and you’ll be able to work with real artists and writers not just programmer geeks to make games.


Feb 15, 2013


Wentworth Institute of Technology (Boston) 61% admit rate


August 31, 2013

Illinois Institute of Technology – rolling admissions, December for scholarships



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