Pelosi Shows Support For City College

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Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, Supervisor Norman Yee and Richard Kiwata were at City College, Chinatown Campus on January 6, in an effort to help save the school from closure and to encourage students to sign up for classes.

Supervisor Norman Yee whose district includes 50 Phelan Ave., the Main Campus of CCSF  mentioned he attended City College then subsequently taught at the school.  Pelosi indicated that she has no direct authority via the U.S. Department of Education, a Federal Agency which does not have authority to keep the school open.

Kiwata who attended CCSF and served on the Board of Trustees of Golden Gate University when accreditation became an issue in the 1990’s noted that the Accreditation (similar to the NBA or NFL) sets their own rules and schools need to work with them.

Updates on City College’s fight to stay accredited can be found online at

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