Filipino American Kickstarter Project Boosts Visibility for Gender Variant Children

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The cast and crew of "Prinsesa" at world-famous 32Ten Studios

The cast and crew of “Prinsesa” at world-famous 32Ten Studios

San Francisco, CA – Among the latest labors of love to hit Kickstarter in January is a Filipino American short film titled Prinsesa. The project, inspired by the traditional Singkil dance of the Philippines, was produced with the help of an all-volunteer cast and crew culled from several community-based creative arts groups from the San Francisco Bay Area.

The filmmakers have turned to crowdsourcing on Kickstarter to finish their project, which aims to not only showcase the beauty of a traditional Filipino dance, but also to portray gender variant children and their families in an affirming light.

“Who are the heroes and role models in our stories and why? The answers could have long-lasting impact on those kids’ lives,” said Drew Stephens, director, producer and co-writer of the movie and a member of Scary Cow Productions. “So the parents who get it right are like superheroes to me.”

Prinsesa is a short film about Rey, a 28-year-old Filipino-American father who tells the Singkil folk tale to his children to calm them after a small earthquake. But his young boy, Jojo, seems to identify more with the princess in the myth rather than the prince. This creates an awkward moment for Rey, who is now having his own masculinity and parenting skills questioned by his pals.

Rey and his family get started on what will prove to be a lifelong journey, and on this night, he learns the value of letting children be themselves.
Currently, the short film is in post-production, and needs to raise $3,500 by Feb. 14, 2014, in order to secure a slot for its debut at a San Francisco film festival a few weeks later in March. The money will go toward production of the music score, color grading and submission fees for numerous film festivals around the globe during the year.

Donations can be sent at .

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