Education Wonders and Blunders

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Education Wonders and Blunders 3/25/2014 Jeb Bush is the latest governor to yell “The Asians Are Coming” to justify expensive, toxic and harmful Common Cr*p education deforms. Conservative Asian woman Michelle Malkin has adopted Common Core as one of her favorite government disasters that needsd to be  killed. Asian parents should be outraged and insulted at this latest education curriculum and testing scam.

Michelle Malkin flattens Jeb Bush’s assertion Common Core is ‘truth serum’
 Written By : Richard Berkow  Speaking before 900 people at the annual Broward County Workshop breakfast Friday, former Governor Jeb Bush decried the controversy surrounding Common Core.

“Let me tell you something,” he said. “In Asia today, they don’t care about children’s esteem. They care about math, whether they can read in English, whether they understand why science is important, whether they have the grit and determination to be successful,” the Sun-Sentinel reported. He added that the standards are “benchmarked to the rest of the world…a truth serum for our communities to wake up and realize that we’ve languished far too long,” also berating the critics “who go nuts about it.” What he did not mention, of course, was the integral role his brother Neil has in the financial success of the project, or the prominent role K Street lobbyists, Bill Gates, George Soros, high-placed Democratic strategists, and other left-wing plutocrats have played in promoting this one-size-fits-all brainwashing agenda, according to Dr. Alison Rampersad, Co-Chair of Eyes on U.S. Education. Columnist Michelle Malkin immediately took issue with Bush’s remarks.

“Jeb Bush’s ‘Foundation for Excellence in Education’ is also saturating the airwaves with ads trying to salvage Common Core in the face of truly bipartisan, truly grassroots opposition in his home state Florida,” Malkin wrote in a recent op-ed, Get to Know the Common Core Marketing Overlords. “[His] foundation is tied at the hip to the federally funded testing consortium called PARCC, which pulled in $186 million through the Obama administration’s Race to the Top program to develop Common Core tests.” (continued at link above)

3/21/2014 Nightmare of Computerized Testing For KindergartenMy WASL is a monster that eats children and gets stronger from their fears

My WASL is a monster that eats children and gets stronger from their fears


This is not some sick future-in-hell 1984 or Brave New World or Giver novel, this is real life.  In the 90s, standards-based tests like Washington’s WASL abused 4th graders in the name of outcome/standards/WTF-based education. This MIT-educated dad figured out they gave 4th graders 10th grade high school geometry and proportionality problems while high school students got 4th grade arithmetic problems, and Washington State University education professor agreed and was appalled. Now Common Core bring testing hell to kindergarten.
Giving kindergarteners computerized tests that pc-trained grown ups would need training for is child abuse on several levels. 8+4??? The concept of addition doesn’t show up until 1st grade. They should be able to COUNT to 10, maybe 20, as per Sesame Street curriculum. Now using your finger to drag the 1 and then the 2 into the answer box?? Kindergarten is to learn how to go to school, not start taking the SAT to get sorted for Harvard for pete’s sake.  They are not supposed to master ANY math or writing. The new Yellow Peril of Asian test scores is just like the old meaningless cold war “missile gap”, and Americans are not told that Asians go to school on half of saturday and that China does not even pay for education after junior high. The best western-style high schools in Shanghai charge as much as private schools in the United States. The Asians don’t even do this to our kids until Jr high school in Japan or China…yet… let’s hope they don’t start copying this madness from the west. My parents didn’t put anybody into a preschool or an all-day Kindergarten and we still ended up the only family that put everybody into MIT and Stanford. 
Is this education? Is this what we want for our children and grandchildren? Teachers have called the testing regime child abuse and here you get to read about it firsthand. A teacher’s recount of t…

Train Wreck Ahead

Here a teacher remarks some of the tests are so “challenging” grown up with degrees can’t pass some of these tests… Nor are we exaggerating the potential for disaster. Consider this description from Charlotte Danielson, a highly regarded mainstream authority on teacher evaluation and a strong supporter of the Common Core:

I do worry somewhat about the assessments—I’m concerned that we may be headed for a train wreck there. The test items I’ve seen that have been released so far are extremely challenging. If I had to take a test that was entirely comprised of items like that, I’m not sure that I would pass it—and I’ve got a bunch of degrees. So I do worry that in some schools we’ll have 80 percent or some large number of students failing. That’s what I mean by train wreck.

Reports from the first wave of Common Core testing are already confirming these fears. This spring students, parents, and teachers in New York schools responded to administration of new Common Core tests developed by Pearson Inc. with a general outcry against their length, difficulty, and inappropriate content. Pearson included corporate logos and promotional material in reading passages. Students reported feeling overstressed and underprepared—meeting the tests with shock, anger, tears, and anxiety. Administrators requested guidelines for handling tests students had vomited on. Teachers and principals complained about the disruptive nature of the testing process and many parents encouraged their children to opt out.


Will Asian Tiger Parents Kill-Bill To Bring Back Quotas?

Asian activists were among the leaders to fight laws like Prop 209 which sought to outlaw “affirmative action”, but often in vain. Henry Der even had the integrity to support quotas AGAINST Chinese at San Francisco’s selective Lowell high school to comply with a NAACP consent decree. But all those “Asian Mother Goes Bonkers at B+”  tiger parents aren’t going along with a new movement to write racial and other group preferences into the law, since it’s become obvious that the 1964 civil rights law that merely bans “discrimination” isn’t going to give the quota-driven results that political correctness demands. Me, I’m still all in favor of racial and whatever preferences as as long as you spell out which groups are favored, by how much, and justifies why, and gives Asians our fair share of  quotas in things like NASCAR drivers, movie and TV parts, country and rock bands, and professional sports. from Overlooked: ‘Coalition of the Ascendant’ Goes to War–With Itself; If you’re looking for moments when tectonic issue shifts seem to become visible–like the moment when Dems realized they had to give up on gun control, or the (coming) moment when there are enough charter school parents to defeat teachers’ unions–here’s one:  the moment when California Democrats abandon a push to reinstate race preferences because of constituent-driven opposition from Asian Americans in their own ranks. 

Background: California passed Ward Connerly’s Prop. 209 in 1996, which banned race preferences in admission at public colleges like the University of California.  This latest push is an attempt by the state’s Democrats to advance a constitutional amendment that would undo this aspect of 209. …
Meanwhile, the state’s Asians, who have done fine in the admissions game without preferences, now constitute about 11 percent of the electorate–bigger than the state’s black vote, though still smaller than the Latino share  (which was 22% in the 2012 exit poll). Asian communities seem to worry, not without reason, that preference-aided admissions for blacks and Latinos will mean fewer slots for Asians. …

Read more:

Wacky Division For Kids That Can’t Memorize Addition or Multiplication Tables

see this: The idea is that it’s silly to ask anybody to memorize anything as arcane as a multiplication or addition tables, so we’ll make them only use doubling and a few other tricks, which is like what I had to do to figure out how to multiply by 10 by using only addition and bitwise shifting when the 80888 chip did not have hardware floating point (anybody else who figured  that out, let me know in the comments, or I’ll tell you how). But almost any kids CAN and SHOULD  memorize adding and multiply facts to 9×9, and the ones that can’t will do just fine with calculators.

British Empire Admits Math Defeat, Hires Chinese Teachers

  1. GlobalPost – 23 hours ago
    England, the home of some of the world’s elite schools and universities, is calling in maths teachers from China to help boost standards after 

SAT Dumps Writing Test, Aligns to Common Cr*p Uh Core

What is interesting is that they do mention what I noticed when I did an emergency spare job scoring the writing tests – if you want a near-perfect score for a writing prompt, include  (1) a personal example (2) at least one famous person (3) at least one famous book and (4) say something more  than what was in the prompt.  If you didn’t say anything more than the prompt, you got nothing-0. If you mentioned ANYTHING more than the prompt, that was a 2-fair. If you mentioned a personal example, famous person, and famous story, you got an automatic 3-good. And NOBODY was allowed to get a 4 even if it was good enough for New York Times magazine to “leave room for improvement next year”.  Oddly enough, if anybody thought a writing test would be a good way to keep Asians down, Asians seem to attack  that problem with test-prep as if it were a math problem, and STILL outscore the other groups. Meanwhile whoever thought “higher order thinking skills” is  the key to bringing up low-performing groups FLUNK because the under-scoring groups do even WORSE since it takes even more cognitive work to write an essay  than do a multiple choice test.

  1. New York Times ‎- 7 hours ago
    David Coleman, president of the College Board, has used his position to overhaul the SAT and have it better reflect what students should be 
But “when is there a situation in either college or life when you’re asked to write on demand about something you’ve never once thought about?” he asked. “I’ve never gotten an email from a boss saying: ‘Is failure necessary for success? Get back to me in 25 minutes?’ But that’s what the SAT does.” Perelman said that tutors commonly taught their students to create and memorize an all-purpose essay that contained the necessary elements for a top score — “a personal anecdote, a few historical references; Florence Nightingale seems a strangely popular reference.” When test day comes, they regurgitate what they’ve committed to memory, slightly reshaping depending on the question asked. But no one is actually learning anything about writing.
  1. SAT makes essay optional, returns to 1600 scale and looks more like Common Core Atlanta Journal Constitution (blog)‎ – 9 hours ago

Anwar Ibrahim on PISA Test and Muslim Results

Looks like I’m in agreement with that Malysian firebrand-turned-democracy advocate Anwar Ibrahim  when he also noticed that the Muslim nations tended to be as techies like to say “bunched up at the left hand of the curve.” I had noticed before, it wasn’t just the refugee-camp Palestine kids  that were lagging, even the big buck states like Saudi Arabia and Qatar didn’t do that well. One wonders if they would fewer people angry at the test-happy West if they only got better test scores. Here’s how he starts out:

Pisa results and stark reality of Muslim countries – Anwar Ibrahim

The results for the 2012 Programme for International Student Assessment (Pisa) that were presented in early December showed that of the 10 countries that topped the performance, not one of them is a Muslim country. As a matter of fact, of the final results tabled, not one Muslim country was placed in the top 40. Half a million pupils in 65 countries and local administrations were tested in the three core areas of mathematics, science and reading. Shanghai scored the best result with 613, followed by Singapore and Japan. With the exception of Turkey which took the 43rd spot scoring the highest among the Muslim countries followed by UAE, of the rest of the Muslim countries that took part such as Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Qatar, Jordan, Tunisia and Indonesia, suffice to say that they were placed within the bottom 50 and 60 jostling with Columbia, Peru and Albania for the award of worst performer!

According to the OECD, this study considers Shanghai a pioneer of educational reform, having transformed their approach to education. Instead of focusing merely on the elite, it appears they have adopted a more inclusive system. In other words, the democratization of access to quality education is a key factor. Below is the table for the 2012 results:

Programme for International Student Assessment (2012)
Maths Sciences Reading
1 Shanghai, China 613 1 Shanghai, China 580 1 Shanghai, China 570
2 Singapore 573 2 Hong Kong, China 555 2 Hong Kong, China 545
3 Hong Kong, China 561 3 Singapore 551 3 Singapore 542
4 Taiwan 560 4 Japan 547 4 Japan 538
5 South Korea 554 5 Finland 545 5 South Korea 536
6 Macau, China 538 6 Estonia 541 6 Finland 524
7 Japan 536 7 South Korea 538 7 Taiwan 523
8 Liechtenstein 535 8 Vietnam 528 8 Canada 523
9 Switzerland 531 9 Poland 526 9 Ireland 523
10 Netherlands 523 10 Liechtenstein 525 10 Poland 518
11 Estonia 521 11 Canada 525 11 Liechtenstein 516
12 Finland 519 12 Germany 524 12 Estonia 516
13 Canada 518 13 Taiwan 523 13 Australia 512
14 Poland 518 14 Netherlands 522 14 New Zealand 512
15 Belgium 515 15 Ireland 522 15 Netherlands 511
16 Germany 514 16 Macau, China 521 16 Macau, China 509
17 Vietnam 511 17 Australia 521 17 Switzerland 509
18 Austria 506 18 New Zealand 516 18 Belgium 509
19 Australia 504 19 Switzerland 515 19 Germany 508
20 Ireland 501 20 Slovenia 514 20 Vietnam 508
21 Slovenia 501 21 United Kingdom 514 21 France 505
22 Denmark 500 22 Czech Republic 508 22 Norway 504
23 New Zealand 500 23 Austria 506 23 United Kingdom 499
24 Czech Republic 499 24 Belgium 505 24 United States 498
25 France 495 25 Latvia 502 25 Denmark 496
26 United Kingdom 494 26 France 499 26 Czech Republic 493
27 Iceland 493 27 Denmark 498 27 Austria 490
28 Latvia 491 28 United States 497 28 Italy 490
29 Luxembourg 490 29 Spain 496 29 Latvia 489
30 Norway 489 30 Lithuania 496 30 Luxembourg 488
31 Portugal 487 31 Norway 495 31 Portugal 488
32 Italy 485 32 Italy 494 32 Spain 488
33 Spain 484 33 Hungary 494 33 Hungary 488
34 Russia 482 34 Luxembourg 491 34 Israel 486
35 Slovakia 482 35 Croatia 491 35 Croatia 485
36 United States 481 36 Portugal 489 36 Iceland 483
37 Lithuania 479 37 Russia 486 37 Sweden 483
38 Sweden 478 38 Sweden 485 38 Slovenia 481
39 Hungary 477 39 Iceland 478 39 Lithuania 477
40 Croatia 471 40 Slovakia 471 40 Greece 477
41 Israel 466 41 Israel 470 41 Russia 475
42 Greece 453 42 Greece 467 42 Turkey 475
43 Serbia 449 43 Turkey 463 43 Slovakia 463
44 Turkey 448 44 UAE 448 44 Cyprus 449
45 Romania 445 45 Bulgaria 446 45 Serbia 446
46 Cyprus 440 46 Serbia 445 46 UAE 442
47 Bulgaria 439 47 Chile 445 47 Thailand 441
48 UAE 434 48 Thailand 444 48 Chile 441
49 Kazakhstan 432 49 Romania 439 49 Costa Rica 441
50 Thailand 427 50 Cyprus 438 50 Romania 438
51 Chile 423 51 Costa Rica 429 51 Bulgaria 436
52 Malaysia 421 52 Kazakhstan 425 52 Mexico 424
53 Mexico 413 53 Malaysia 420 53 Montenegro 422
54 Montenegro 410 54 Uruguay 416 54 Uruguay 411
55 Uruguay 409 55 Mexico 415 55 Brazil 410
56 Costa Rica 407 56 Montenegro 410 56 Tunisia 404
57 Albania 394 57 Jordan 409 57 Colombia 403
58 Brazil 391 58 Argentina 406 58 Jordan 399
59 Argentina 388 59 Brazil 405 59 Malaysia 398
60 Tunisia 388 60 Colombia 399 60 Argentina 396
61 Jordan 386 61 Tunisia 398 61 Indonesia 396
62 Colombia 376 62 Albania 397 62 Albania 394
63 Qatar 376 63 Qatar 384 63 Kazakhstan 393
64 Indonesia 375 64 Indonesia 382 64 Qatar 388
65 Peru 368 65 Peru 373 65 Peru 384

… see article for what’s in  the middle… Conclusion While it is known that Muslim countries are facing a crisis in higher education, this study is significant in showing that even in the formative mid-secondary school stage, we are seeing a crisis of alarming proportions. The fact of the matter is that Muslim countries are occupying the bottom rungs in higher education and advancement in science and technology. The Pisa results are therefore a precursor to worse things to come. Failure to take immediate remedial action may lead to a deeper crisis. In this regard, we call on the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to take the lead in addressing this problem. –  January 4, 2014. * Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is the parliamentary Opposition Leader and Permatang Pauh MP. (see more at link above)

Will Social Justice Math Erase the Academic Gap?

Everybody knows the reason Asian gets such high math scores is that they study like crazy and their parents don’t tolerate slackers, and spent their college days skipping Asian American studies, but cramming math, science and SAT prep and piano lessons for pre-med or engineering majors. So how do we bring up African American and Hispanic students to the same level and leave white students in the dust? Copy the Asian students? of course not. SOCIAL JUSTICE MATH OF COURSE From gateway pundit (I think he’s a white guy) 2 + 2 = Social Justice The far left unionists are now successfully politicizing math in the classroom. In March Chicago Teachers Union president Karen Lewis urged fellow teachers to politicize math at their schools. Lewis spoke at the Network for Public Education conference in Texas. Via EAG News:

“People always talk about how that there’s no politics and values in math. That you can teach math and there’s no place for social justice. So let me tell you how Bob (Peterson) deals with that,” Lewis said. She went on to describe a math story problem about money and the cost of pencils. “That’s a very political statement because it’s all about consumerism – it’s about buying stuff, right? “Bob Peterson tells them about José working in a factory making piecemeal clothes. He uses the same numbers and gets the same answer. And yes, math is political, too.”

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