Cambodian Cultural Dance Troupe Hosts Remembering Ancient Gestures

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Remembering Ancient Gestures on Saturday March 29, 2014 at Silver Creek High School, 4:30pm, in San Jose, California is a special production of the Cambodian Cultural Dance Troupe featuring the graduating senior dancers, the Ho Chan Musical Ensemble from Long Beach, California and the entire Cambodian Cultural Dance Troupe.

Remembering Ancient Gestures features the classical court dances of Cambodia which were almost lost during the Cambodian Holocaust. Developed by the senior dancers, Remembering Ancient Gestures will be the first time these talented dancers will share the traditions and culture of their Cambodian heritage with the greater community. For many refugee and immigrant groups, traditions and culture are often in the family and not shared with their American high school life. As graduating high school seniors, the senior dancers of the Cambodian Cultural Dance Troupe wanted to share their rich Cambodian heritage and their commitment to the keeping the Cambodian culture alive with their friends and family in their school community.

Remembering Ancient Gestures begins with the youngest dancers showing the foundation exercises all Cambodian dancers practice beginning at age 6. Chun Por, the Blessing Dance Erica Seu; Buong Suong Pream, the Blessing Dance with Cheng Sim Bun; Giant Steps with Ryan Boun; Svapol, Sovan Macha and Hanuman with the monkey troupe, Erica Seu and Jerrick Boun, Apsara the goddess Blessing Dance with Aimee Boun. Music by the Ho Chan Ensemble from Long Beach, California.

For more information please visit, or contact Ryan Boun (408) 278-0209,

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