Asian Commercial Professionals Offers Scholarship

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Asian Commercial Professionals (“ACP”) is a San Francisco Bay Area-based 501c6 non-profit organization dedicated to fostering leadership, education, networking and scholarship within the commercial real estate and facilities industry.

Consistent with one of its goals of encouraging and recognizing excellence in pursuing a career in the commercial real estate and facilities industry, ACP is providing two scholarship opportunities.

$1,000 Scholarship to further your education

For deserving Asian-American students from High School thru College or in a certified apprenticeship program, pursuing a career in engineering, architecture or one of its related fields or in the building trades, ACP is offering a $1,000 scholarship to a student or trainee in one of those fields.

$2,500 Scholarship to pay for your IFMA or BOMA certification and receive mentoring from leaders in the industry to help you advance in your career in facilities and/or property management

For individuals currently working in facility or property management, or have recently graduated with a Bachelors or certificate program in facilities or property management, or are pursuing a career in facility management or property management, ACP is providing a scholarship of $2,500 towards the cost of one of the following credentialing programs: IFMA FMP, IFMA CFM, BOMA RPA. Additionally the scholarship recipient will receive mentoring from leaders in the industry to advance your career in facility or property management.


$1,000 Scholarship applicants must be either: a current Asian-American High School or College student, or admitted to or enrolled in an apprenticeship program, trade school, and pursuing a course of study in one of the fields related to commercial real estate, including, but not limited to: Facilities Management, Real Estate Agency, Brokerage or Development, Architecture, Engineering (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Structural, Materials, Industrial, Architectural, Environmental and all related engineering disciplines), General Contractor, Construction Management, and Apprenticeship Training Programs (Carpentry, Pipe Fitting, Iron Working, Sheet Metal, etc.).

$2,500 Scholarship applicants must demonstrate that they are currently employed in the commercial property management or facilities management profession, or have graduated with a bachelors degree in facilities or real estate  or approved certification program and are pursuing a career in facility or property management.

Essay:  The candidates will be asked to write an essay of up to 1,000 words on one of the following topics:

$1,000 Scholarship candidates must choose one of the following topics:

“As a person pursuing a career in commercial real estate, construction management, architecture or engineering or one of its related fields, this is how I plan to participate in and contribute back to the Asian Pacific American Community.”

“While growing up as an Asian in America I’ve learned the following lessons that will carry with me for life.”

“Why do I identify myself as Asian or Asian-American and why does that matter?”

“Tell us about a personal accomplishment (or talent, extra curricular activity) that you spent time pursuing after school.”

$2,500 Scholarship candidates must write an essay (1,000 word limit) on why they believe they are deserving of our scholarship and what their goals are in facilities or property management and how they will participate and contribute back to the Asian Pacific American Community.  Finalists may be required to be interviewed by the ACP Scholarship Committee. Finalists will be required to attend an awards luncheon to receive their scholarship.  $2,500 scholarship recipients will be requested to join in ACP events during the year of award.


Candidates must fill out the application form available ACP 2014 scholarship application, or by contacting ACP Scholarship Committee, Stuart Lee at, or inquire at their trade school or college placement office.

All scholarship entries due April 30, 2014



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