MH370 And Sewol Misfortune Updates

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MH370 And Sewol Misfortune Updates


CNN interviews Captain of Oil Tanker First on Scene

Korea’s Sewol ferry sinking with 302 souls dead or missing hit like a Sandy Hook or Columbine high school massacre at sea. Korea has never had a school disaster of  this magnitude. The government has already accused the ship crew as acting like murderers as there is no other explanation why somebody would overload a ferry, put in a relief captain who sails off course, slows down and  then suddenly does sharp low-speed J-turn which spills all of the cars and cargo, then tells everybody to stay in place until the captain is safely aboard the rescue ship. Now the CNN says that the oil tanker captain that was observing the ferry noticed something was wrong because somebody had turned OFF the normal transponder, like MH370, and knew that they should have been getting people off the boat while the top deck was still out of the water.

Sewol Ferry Sinking with life raft

Sewol Ferry Sinking with life raft

I always thought something was fishy about the Asiana 777 crew. The attendents were heros in getting passengers out, but both screwed up an easy routine daylight approach, and complaining that they were anxious, the pilot had glare in his eyes, and didn’t have sunglasses on out of respect for his superior? Waiting until the plane erupted in flames before telling everybody to get the heck off the airplane? And then taking refuge in the hospital for mental stress? Unlike the hero of the Hudson  Chesley Sullenberger III who immediately talked to the press about how his his professional judgement had saved everybody, it was days before anybody even knew the the names of the pilots who only offered lame excuses for flying as badly as someone who was trying to “slightly” crash the plane rather than either land it normally or obviously aim for the ground like some other pilots have.

Fortunately, nobody deliberately sinks his own ferry or diverts or crashes his own plane or train, so we’ll have to wait for the investigation.

From CNN transcript:

  •  (voice over): This is the first image of the doomed Sewol ferry. Calm seas belied the horrors unfolding within the ship. This is the view from Doola Ace an oil tanker that is first on the scene. Captain Moon Ye-Shik receives a call to help a ship in distress at 9:06 a.m., 11 minutes after the Sewol says it is in trouble. He soon has the ship in his sights. I could tell the ship was sinking just by looking at it”, he tells me. “The situation was so bad I assumed the evacuation was well under way.” It wasn’t. This was the scene inside the ship around 9:06 a.m. filmed by a student who did not escape. His phone was retrieved with his body and given to his father. Joking and unaware of the danger they are in at first, they then ask “Why can’t they tell us what’s going on? The fact that they asked us to wear life jackets, doesn’t that mean the boat is sinking?”Then an announcement the third of its kind you hear on this recording saying, “Once again, please do not move from your current location. Absolutely do not move.” So they don’t.Captain Moon and his men are on deck ready to deploy the life rafts to save anyone in the water. Moon tells CNN he is 200 meters away but the Sewol keeps asking over the radio where the rescue boat is. 9:14 a.m., Doola Ace talking directly to Sewol says people should escape. A full ten minutes later the Sewol crew member is still asking if passengers escape, can they be rescued? “This person was inexperienced” says Moon. “In an emergency it should be the captain on the radio. You need to make decisions fast.”But it is unclear where the Sewol captain was at this point. He was one of the 174 people rescued along with 20 of his crews. Moon said he’s angry he left his passengers behind. 

    CAPTAIN MOON YE-SHIK, CAPTAIN OF THE DOOLA ACE: Yes this is very strong current. 

    HANCOCKS: Moon had been tracking the Sewol earlier that morning as it was on his radar. He says the ship suddenly made a sharp right turn at a very slow speed. The ship’s tracking system, the automatic identification system was off he said. Moon wonders if the ship had lost power.

    He says he will never understand the actions of the Sewol captain and has decided that this is the last time he will speak about what happened hoping that not talking about it will stop the nightmares he still has about the children he couldn’t save. 

    Paula Hancocks, CNN, on the Yellow Sea, South Korea. 

Woo Bum-kon: Korea’s Chris Dorner and Adam Lanza

If Korea hasn’t experienced the shock of school attacks like Columbine or Sandy Hook, they were the original site of the really big mass shooting.  Instead of student shooters, Korea’s worst mass shooting was Woo Bum-kon , the original rogue South Korean police officer long before LAPD officer Chris Dorner did pretty much exactly the same thing last year, acting pretty much like a domestic terrorist with no ties to foreign terrorism. Woo’s spree killed 56 people and wounded 35 others in several villages in  South Korea, during the night from April 26 to April 27, 1982, before committing suicide. While some deadly incidents have been blamed on North Korean mischief, Woo’s attack motive has been firmly established in history as anger over his  live-in girlfriend who had rudely “woken him by swatting a fly on his chest.” That’s enough drive any man to execute the elaborate suicide mission on a terrorist-style commando attack he must have spent weeks planning. His rampage remained the deadliest known mass murder committed by a lone gunman in modern history until the Norway attacks of July 22, 2011, and was one of  the inspirational attacks studied by Newtown shooter Adam Lanza.


Crowd Sourced Photo Looks like MH370 Wreckage

From  Missing flight MH370 wreckage ‘identified’ by American pilot

A recreational pilot in America believes he has identified the wreckage of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370. Michael Hoebel, 60, of New York, spent hours trawling through thousands of images released to the public on crowd-sourcing website TomNod. He came across a piece of debris floating under the water off the northeast coast of Malaysia and west of Songkhla in Thailand which he says perfectly matches the dimensions of the missing aircraft.


Exploration Company Finds Wreckage That Matches MH370 Crash Time

A marine exploration company based in Australia claims it may have located the wreckage of Malaysia Airlines flight MH 370 – 3,000 miles away from where authorities have been looking.
According to Australian news Channel 7 News,  the Adelaide-based company GeoResonance says its own private research has identified elements on the ocean floor in the Bay of Bengal consistent with material from a plane… 
search covered 2million sq km of the possible crash zone, using images obtained from satellites and aircraft. According to company spokesperson David Pope, “The technology that we use was originally designed to find nuclear warheads, submarines. Our team in the Ukraine decided we should try and help.”GeoResonance experts compared their findings with images taken on March 5, three days before MH370 was reported missing – and they did not find what they had detected at that spot. 

Given the wierd stuff coming out of Ukraine (soon to be part of Putin’s new empire), I would  take this report with a 20 lb bag of salt….

Fil-Am Doctor Victim of Unclear Motive Workplace Violence

On April 24, 2014 a guard in Afghanistan opened fire on five doctors, killing 3. Among them was Filipino-American Jerry Umanos from Chicago who was working for a Christian charity. Despite a recent rash of unconnected attacks against civilians including the Serena Hotel massacre (where Taliban gunned down not only a journalist, but his wife and small children), a swedish journalist by a seemingly random assassin,  and two women AP photojournalists by an Afghan policeman, the motive is “unclear” since the Taliban did not take credit.  The Taliban were blamed for the 2010 killing of 8 doctors  in Afghanistan, including british doctor Karen Woo, and a Navy SEAL was killed in 2012 in a rescue of an American doctor in Afghanistan. In America we know that crazy disturbed people do mass shootings all the time, and when the Taliban takes credit as in the case of Jiverly Wong at the Binghamton immigration center in 2009, authorities never believe it, so there is no clearly need to resort to blaming the Taliban here.

In another completely unrelated but similar incident, on April 23, a cranky old Japanese American 84 year old Raymond Iwase was arrested in his home after he was seen shooting at Dr. Kevin Wong at a Daly City medical clinic yelling about “you gave me a shot and made me sick!”. This is yet another outbreak of “disgruntled client revenge syndrome” which seems to have taken hold since the completely unrelated epidemic of non-terrorist stabbings of medical personnel in China.  On Easter sunday, police are confident that there is absolutely no possible connection between two separate attacks on nurses in two hospitals in Torrance and Sylmar. One man ran past security and stabbed his victim before the cops could catch up to him, in another hospital a man grabbed a nurse and stuck a pencil in her ear.  Back in November, a man went on a stabbing spree at the Good Shepherd Center in Longview Texas, killing one nurse and injuring 3 visitors. It would be as if there were somebody writing the same script for all  these people, it’s probably just random coincidence.


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