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    The Bakla Show 3 Opens June 12 at Bindlestiff Studio

          SAN FRANCISCO, CA – The beloved production series, The Bakla Show, returns to Bindlestiff Studio on June 12 with the premiere of The Bakla Show 3 (which runs through June 28). Created in 2006 to reclaim the term bakla (the Tagalog word for […]

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    SF Japantown Announces New Logo and Banners

      JAPANTOWN, SAN FRANCISCO – San Francisco Japantown, one of three remaining Japantowns, is pleased to announce a new logo and banner for its community.  A new logo and banners were made possible through the generous funding by the Mayor’s Invest In Neighborhoods program and Mayor’s Office of Economic […]

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  • TMZ

    MANAA Slams TMZ For Perpetuating Stereotypes Against Asian Drivers

    LOS ANGELES- Media Action Network for Asian Americans (MANAA)–the only organization solely dedicated to monitoring the media and advocating balanced, sensitive, and positive depiction and coverage of Asian Americans–is criticizing TMZ for Friday’s telecast where one of their staffers perpetuated stereotypes against Asian people. The […]

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    Potstickers Back Next Thursday

    Potstickers will be off today and return next Thursday. Readers can still follow @SFPotstickers daily on Twitter.

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        IMPERFECT STORM: With balloting well under way this month for the June 3 election, there’s no sexy national, state or local races like a White House election to lift turnout and all political campaign boats in California. 2014 early on was shaping up […]

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  • Matthew

    Kickstarter to Support Documentary on Post-WWII Resettlement of Japanese Americans Underway

      Japanese American filmmaker Matthew Hashiguchi launched a Kickstarter campaign earlier this month to raise $15,000 for the development of Good Luck Soup Interactive. Good Luck Soup Interactive is an interactive documentary and participatory storytelling project that will reveal what’s happened to the Japanese American […]

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    Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Los Angeles Launches Your Vote Matters 2014 Campaign

    LOS ANGELES – Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Los Angeles announced the launch of the Your Vote Matters 2014 campaign, which seeks to empower, mobilize, and protect Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander (NHPI) voters during the June 3 primary and November 4 general elections. The campaign’s […]

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  • Aloha by the Bay

    Nihonmachi Street Fair Hosts Aloha By the Bay Fundraiser on June 14

        Aloha. One small word with many meanings: love, peace, goodbye, hello. Like the Nihonmachi Street Fair, which has been celebrating diversity and community involvement for forty years, the word Aloha inspires one to interpret its meaning emotionally, personally, ever changing, and with a […]

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  • May'n

    J-POP Summit Returns July 19 and 20 to Japantown

        San Francisco, CA – The 2014 J-POP SUMMIT Festival, San Francisco’s annual celebration of Japanese pop culture, music, fashion and film, returns over the weekend of Saturday and Sunday, July 19th and 20th with a unique mix of colorful pop-inspired fun. This year’s exciting program leads […]

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  • Was Elliot Rodger’s Battle of Isla Vista An Act of War?

    Was Elliot Rodger’s Battle of Isla Vista An Act of War?

    (to be continued and expanded…) Fans of Emil Guillermo may have seen his piece Elliot Rodger’s manifesto shows self-hate fueled anti-Asian violence that kicked off Isla Vista rampage  which takes a typical liberal anti-gun approach and notes his frustration at being a half-Chinese Eurasian fitting into a […]

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