MC Jin to Perform at Hill Physicians Asian Heritage Street Celebration

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Jin Au-Yeung, also known as MC Jin, is a hip-hop artist, television host, and actor who will be performing at the 10th Annual Hill Physicians Asian Heritage Street Celebration on Saturday, May 17th at San Francisco’s Civic Center.


He first garnered national attention in 2002 when he stunned audiences on BET’s 106 and Park Freestyle Fridays competition. Remaining undefeated for 7 weeks, he ultimately landed a record deal with the Ruff Ryders. With a newfound focus and team at The Great Company, MC Jin is currently in preparation for his full-length English album set to release this fall and plans to continue growing his television and film repertoire.


Q: What does being Asian American mean to you?
A: “I think being Asian American means finding a balance between our surroundings, environment, and also our roots because for many of us our families did come from somewhere else and speaking from my personal experience it definitely was a journey.”
Q: What are your thoughts on APAHM and the celebration of our culture?
A: “I think APAHM is a great thing because it focuses on raising awareness about our culture and history, but also providing an opportunity for people outside of our culture to be able to learn more about it.  I think being Asian American its important to be aware of the issues, our culture and history but having a dedicated time to highlight it is a great thing. It allows us to discover our own culture and being able to share with others.” 
Upcoming Activities – 
Jin is currently in the studio working on his full length album, 14:59. “The inspiration behind this new album is that they say some people only get 15 minutes of fame and what you do with those 15 minutes, who knows? If my 15 minutes were about to be up, what do I do, what do I say, what’s the last thing I want to leave for the listeners?”  Jin recently worked with the young and upcoming producer Moshi, on a fun and free inspired EDM EP titled “You Might Not Know Me” releasing June 3, 2014.  You can catch Jin in the upcoming film Revenge of the Green Dragon directed by Andrew (Wai-keung) Lau and Andrew Loo, executive produced by Martin Scorsese.

MC Jin  rocked the street fair in 2007. Check out his freestyle:

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