Chinese Railroad Workers Finally Get Into The Picture

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Chinese Poise for Railroad Gold Spike in 2014

Chinese Poise for Railroad Gold Spike in 2014

Chinese Railroad Workers Finally Get Into The Picture

I remember the great joke from the 80’s tour of “the Orient Express” when the fellow remembered when his teacher said that he’d like the part next week when he’d hear about how the Chinese built the Transcontinental Railroad. Then when they go to the part, all he got was “and then the Chinese built the railroad”. So he want to the library to look it up and found out that the “Chinese built the railroad”. And that was it.

I noticed way back then in high school that if there were thousands of workers in that picture which is in every US history books, the Chinese might have been in the footnotes, but they sure weren’t in the picture. One internet rumour was that when somebody heard about that they were going to shoot a picture, the Chinese ran away.  But in May at least of couple of press outlets covered that 200 Chinese American and other Asian Americans today made a pilgrimage to Promontory Point, Utah to correct an historic wrong, and pose at the same location with locomotives for a historic re-shoot.

On NPR  by Hansi Lo Wang: Descendants Of Chinese Laborers ReclaimRailroad’s History

  1. NPR (blog) ‎- by Hansi Lo Wang ‎- 6 days ago
    America’s first transcontinental railroad was completed with a golden spike 145 years ago. Thousands of Chinese workers helped build it, but …


Salt Lake Trib: Chinese Americans reclaim history for 

  • May 10, 2014 – Some 200 Chinese American and other Asian Americans today showed up in mass to Promontory Point, Utah to correct an historic wrong …

Descendants Of Chinese Laborers Reclaim Railroad’s History

  • May 11, 2014 – Descendants Of Chinese Laborers Reclaim Railroad’s History



Missoula man charged with deliberate homicide in teen shooting

WWW.NBCMONTANA.COM Report and video are HERE

Markus Kaarma appeared in court Monday on charges he shot and killed a German exchange student.  He’s being held on $30,000 bond.  Friends of the exchange student were in court for the hearing.  They did not want to talk.

Now there are a few interesting things about this case. The fellow sure looks like your average Asian American terrorist psycho suspect like Virginia Tech’s Notorious Cho, and Jiverly Wong who the Taliban claimed was working for them, and the Toronto workplace stabber . Normally we applaud the case of a homeowner discouraging your teen delinquent intruder, but it looks like he and his in-law parter/wife set up a trap in revenge for an alleged burglary of their marijauana stash. The best reference on the surname Kaarma is actually Linked In where you’ll find most of them are from …. Estonia?? Not a big location for terrorism, but part of Eastern Europe and the Chechen Boston Bomber Tsarnaev brothers were out of unruly parts of Russia.

The victim isn’t just your average German exchange student, Diren Dede was  a Turkish muslim, and in the wars of Terrorism and Syria, Turks have been targets of all kinds of odd attacks, (of course that big mine fire caused by a mysterious transformer explosion was just an accident) as it seems when the Misguided of the Prophet aren’t attacking Jews or their friends in the West, the different variants attacking each other so it pays to look at the details as to whether the Sunni (Turks and Arabs) or Shia (Assad, Iran and friends) are the victims or suspects. Kaarma had just moved out from Washington state couple of months before, and it seems like  a heck of a lot of trouble to move that far to hit one target, it’s funny that in 2013, there was a fellow who moved from Montana to Seattle who was found sleeping in a pickup truck with jihad-flavored manifesto, bombs, guns, and a map that was a guided tour hitting every major Seattle area college.

Here’s Wikipedia’s introduction to a series of murders of mostly Turks in Germany by neo-Nazis, though the way things work, they were probably working for somebody else that has a grudge against Turks. Neo-Nazis in the far American right show up on not only on American conspiracy media like Alex Jones and American Free Press but places like Russia Today, Voice of Russia, Iran’s PressTV and North Korea’s KIM NOW network (OK, kidding about North Korea) For instance, some crazy people think that the Benghazi ambassador compound was hit because he met with somebody from Turkey to help move arms to rebels in Syria, or was going to be kidnapped in exchange for the Blind Sheikh who was behind the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993.

The Bosphorus serial murders[2] also known as Döner murders, the term often used by the media,[3] were a series of attacks that took place in Germany between 2000 and 2006, leaving ten people dead and one wounded. The attackers called themselves National Socialist Underground (NSU) (German:Nationalsozialistischer Untergrund). The primary targets were ethnic Turks, but oneGreek and one German policewoman were also killed.

The victims were mostly small business owners, including doner kebab vendors and greengrocers. They were murdered in daylight with gunshots to the face at close range with a silenced CZ 83 pistol. According to the parents of a Turkish victim who worked in an internet café, the police originally suspected foreign organised criminals. A German policewoman, Michèle Kiesewetter, was also shot and killed and the police officer on patrol with her was critically wounded. Other crimes, including a bomb attack, may have been committed by the group. German authorities identified three suspects, Uwe Böhnhardt, Uwe Mundlos, and Beate Zschäpe as responsible for the murders. According to the acting Attorney General of Germany, Rainer Greisbaum, the suspects had Neo-Nazi links.[4] Böhnhardt and Mundlos were found dead by police after they robbed a bank on 4 November 2011. Police said they killed themselves.[5] Zschäpe surrendered on 11 November 2011. She will probably face charges of murder, attempted murder, arson, and belonging to a terrorist organization. Zschäpe said she was only willing to testify if she was considered a state witness, with mitigation of sentence.[citation needed] The police discovered an alleged hit-list of 88 names that included “two prominent members of the Bundestag and representatives of Turkish and Islamic groups”.[6]


Washington Post: North Korea discloses apartment complex collapse in Pyongyang

Washington Post
51 minutes ago
Written by

Chico Harlan

SEOUL – North Korea said Sunday that an apartment complex had collapsed in its showpiece capital, an accident that stemmed from “slipshod” construction and left an unspecified number of casualties, according to its state-run media <snip>
They say that it’s typical for families to move in before an apartment building is complete an deaths could run in the hundreds.

Soda Bottle Terrorism

Fox News I remember when kids used to have fun stomping on paper or foam cups or popping a paper sack. But it’s not funny to set off a dry ice bomb in an airport, or set off two soda bottle chemical devices at a movie theater complex in northern Virginia, scaring patrons who fled after hearing what sounded like firecrackers or gunshots. Terrorism doesn’t have to mean shooting up a school or flying an airplane into a building. It can mean scaring a Walmart by wearing a bunch of fake bombs, pretending to try to open a door or break into the cockpit in flight and pretending your crazy, or proving you could strap a bomb on yourself and climb into the landing gear bay pretending you are just homesick for your mama in Somalia, or trying to get a free ride to Las Vegas, or driving your car into a house and kill a sleeping person or drive the wrong way for miles and pretend that you’re just drunk and didn’t really mean it, and the authorities will buy your cover story every time.

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