Nihonmachi Street Fair Hosts Aloha By the Bay Fundraiser on June 14

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Aloha by the Bay

Aloha. One small word with many meanings: love, peace, goodbye, hello.

Like the Nihonmachi Street Fair, which has been celebrating diversity and community involvement for forty years, the word Aloha inspires one to interpret its meaning emotionally, personally, ever changing, and with a sense of pride.

In the spirit of Aloha, the Nihonmachi Street Fair has begun presenting the “Aloha by the Bay™” music series as part of their fundraising efforts. The next concert will take place on Saturday, June 14th at UCSF’s Cole Hall located at 513 Parnassus Ave. General seating is $25 and VIP seating is $35. It is NSF’s hope that by through these concerts they can build friendship, showcase and bring together the many talented Hawai’ian and local musicians.

“Aloha by the Bay™” will pull the heart strings of new and longtime fans of island music, and each music series is destined to be an unforgettable evening of music, escape, community, and of course, Aloha.

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