Was Elliot Rodger’s Battle of Isla Vista An Act of War?

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(to be continued and expanded…)

Fans of Emil Guillermo may have seen his piece Elliot Rodger’s manifesto shows self-hate fueled anti-Asian violence that kicked off Isla Vista rampage  which takes a typical liberal anti-gun approach and notes his frustration at being a half-Chinese Eurasian fitting into a world that defines beauty in European terms. A child of privilege is an odd case to plead revenge for a life of misery. He was born in London and moved to the US at age 5 and grew up in Los Angeles.  His father is British-American filmmaker Peter Rodger, mos famous for being one of the assistant directors for violent The Hunger Games. Less well known is that his mother is Li Chin Rodger, who is a Chinese nurse from Malaysia, but there is a interesting and underplayed middle-eastern connection is his stepmother who is Moroccan actress Soumaya Akaaboune. His tale says  that he was also an avid video gamer, as was Sandy Hook’s Adam Lanza, as well as a pokemon card trader.

It is interesting that he specifically targeted his two chinese roommates in his manifesto, and killed a third chinese visitor, which would make Chinese about half of the victims, a similar ratio in the MH370 missing airliner which everybody now believes was some sort of deliberate state or terrorist operation. Malaysia’s former Prime Minster Mahathir bin Mohamad and his former right-hand man Matthias Chang getting a lot of publicity on UK, Russian and Iranian media and even NBC’s Today pushing the same story as the usual 9/11 truther anti-semitic anti-US conspiracy theories that the US and Israel’s CIA and Mossad worked together to hide the plane at Diego Garcia or Kandahar using Boeing’s Uninteruptible Autopilot to turn the airliner into some sort of drone. If they are telling the truth, then we are all doomed by Zionist Imperialism. But if they are lying, they could very well pointing to who really knows what happened to the airliner.

Add in the mysterious car crash of in April of Malaysia’s veteran ethnic-Indian lawyer and lawmaker Karpal Singh. He was the one who defended opposition leader and MH370 pilot favorite Anwar Ibrahim in his sensational sodomy trial. Singh’s driver claimed that a slow moving truck suddenly move into a lane too fast for him to stop, taking out the left side of his minivan. The truck driver who was with family members tested positive for marijuana use, but police discouraged “conspiracy theories” that Singh had been targeted for opposing extreme Islamic hudud laws, and the slow moving truck driver was somehow at fault. It wasn’t the first odd “accident” as  Singh was previously crippled in a 2005 accident when his taxi was rammed from behind from another car.

Back to Santa Barbara, there was a hauntingly similar incident terrorist-grade incident in 2001, the 2001 Isla Vista killings, which was a deliberate vehicular assault killing four people and injuring one. This is what Wikipedia has to say about that incident, and it is telling that he was obsessed with conspiracy theories and government plots, which are largely spun by people by 9/11 truthers who want to shift the blame for 9/11 deaths from radical terrorists backed by Shia and Sunni fundamentalists to the US and Israel. Both Miriam Carey, the woman who was shot after driving her child in the backseat through a hail of police gunfire after charging various barriers at the White House and other buildings, and Aaron Alexis who shot his way through the Navy Yard were suicide attackers tormented by voices and government plot theories. 

On the evening of February 23, 2001, just after 11pm UCSB student David Attias, son of television director Daniel Attias, drove his 1991 Saab down the 6500 block of Sabado Tarde Road at high speed.[1] Attias ran the stop sign at the intersection of Sabado Tarde and Camino Pescadero at around 50 mph, it was a peak time for foot traffic in Isla Vista. After slamming his Saab into two parked vehicles, he swerved and hit five pedestrians and sideswiped seven other vehicles. Four of the pedestrians were killed and the fifth was critically injured.[1]

When his vehicle came to a stop, Attias got out and began (or continued, reports vary about whether he was yelling while driving) shouting about darkness and government plots, according to witnesses, he yelled “I am the Angel of Death!” and attempted to pick up victim Ruth Levy by the arm, but quickly lost interest, as he was surrounded by bystanders.[2]

Police arrived shortly after the incident, and had to extricate Attias from a growing crowd. An unidentified first responder administered CPR to Arthur Levy, the sole surviving victim.[3] In the initial aftermath, it was unclear if drugs were involved, as well as if the attack was intentional. Blood tests later showed that Attias was under the influence of marijuana and Lidocaine, neither deemed significant to the incident.[4][5]

Attias was charged with four counts of murder, four counts of vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence, and five counts of felony driving under the influence.[6] Residents of his hall told police and the campus paper that Attias had been known for his erratic behavior, including stalking of another student.[7] Several students referred to him, with rolled eyes, as “Crazy Dave” and “Tweaker.”[2] The case received additional media attention because Attias is the son of prominent Hollywood TV director Daniel Attias. Attias plead not guilty by reason of insanity, and the following trial sparked significant interest.[8]

On June 11, 2002, Attias was convicted in a jury trial of four counts of second-degree murder. He was acquitted of driving under the influence.[9] One week later, the same jury found that Attias was legally insane. This resulted in a sentence of up to 60 years at Patton State Hospital in San Bernardino.[1


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