Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Los Angeles Launches Your Vote Matters 2014 Campaign

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LOS ANGELES – Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Los Angeles announced the launch of the Your Vote Matters 2014 campaign, which seeks to empower, mobilize, and protect Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander (NHPI) voters during the June 3 primary and November 4 general elections. The campaign’s goal is to ensure that the voice of Asian American and NHPI communities in Los Angeles County are heard at the ballot box.

The campaign targets infrequent voters from nine Asian American and NHPI ethnic groups and includes multilingual phone calling to voters in 15 Asian and Pacific Islander languages. The campaign’s focus for the June 3 primary election is to help community members navigate the voting process and understand what is on the ballot, which includes the gubernatorial primary election, other statewide races, congressional and state legislative races, local races, two statewide ballot measures, and local ballot measures.

For the upcoming primary election on Tuesday, June 3, representatives of Advancing Justice – LA, other community-based organizations, and the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk highlighted key points that voters should remember:

  • Voters who are voting at the polls on Tuesday, June 3 can find their polling location by looking at the back of their sample ballot booklet. Voters can also look up their polling location by visiting
  • Voters opting to vote by mail should drop their vote-by-mail ballots in the mail by no later thanFriday, May 30 to ensure that their ballots are received in time by the county elections official. Any voter who has not mailed his or her vote-by-mail ballot by May 30 should drop the ballot at a nearby polling location on Tuesday, June 3 instead of putting it in the mail. Voters who are dropping off vote-by-mail ballots on Tuesday, June 3 can do so at any polling location in Los Angeles County.
  • Because of changes to state law enacted in 2010, voters can vote for any candidate in the upcoming primary election on June 3, regardless of their political party affiliation. The June 3 primary election is being conducted as a “top two” primary election. This means that for each race, the two candidates receiving the most number of votes will advance to the November 4general election.
  • Voters in Los Angeles County have the right to receive bilingual voting assistance, which includes translated voting materials at the polling place, and assistance from poll workers (poll workers are the volunteers who run polling places on Election Day). Under federal law, Los Angeles County must provide translated voting materials in Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Khmer, Korean, Spanish, Tagalog, Thai, and Vietnamese. Los Angeles County provides poll workers speaking these languages and also Bangla and Gujarati.
  • Voters also have the right to receive help from a person of their choosing (except for representatives of their employer or union). Under federal law, a voter who needs assistance because of disability or inability to read or write may bring someone into the voting booth to assist him or her in casting their ballot.
“The Asian American and NHPI community in Southern California is diverse in a wide breadth of languages, cultures and needs,” says Tanzila Ahmed, voter engagement manager at Advancing Justice – LA.  We believe it is our responsibility to politically engage these communities in tactics targeting each ethnicity in ways that are bilingual and culturally competent so that these voters can easily understand the electoral process. By making the electoral process easy and accessible, we can further empower the Asian American and NHPI community and break the barriers that keep them from getting involved in the political process.”

“Our participation in the Your Vote Matters campaign in 2012 taught us that our community members, especially our young voters, are looking to engage meaningfully in the voting process,” says Alisi Tulua, program manager at Empowering Pacific Islander Communities.  “Our role as an organization is to build on that willingness and spread awareness of the importance of their participation in the voting process as a vehicle to imparting change in our community.  We hope that our consistent participation in these kinds of campaigns will continue to promote growth in knowledge and engagement for our NHPI voters.”

Additional information about the Your Vote Matters 2014 campaign is available at  Advancing Justice – LA has also posted a list of FAQs at  In addition, Advancing Justice – LA is operating the following bilingual voter hotlines for the June 2014 election and encourages voters to call the hotlines if they have questions about the election or the voting process in general:

English: 213-241-0213
Chinese: 213-241-8841
Khmer: 213-241-8842
Korean: 213-241-8840
Thai: 213-241-8844
Vietnamese: 213-241-8843

Your Vote Matters! campaign is a project of Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Los Angeles with the purpose of empowering, mobilizing, and protecting the rights of Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Voters. Advancing Justice – LA is a 501c3 nonpartisan organization that does not advocate on behalf of parties or candidates. However, we will educate voters on select propositions.

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