Kickstarter to Support Documentary on Post-WWII Resettlement of Japanese Americans Underway

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Matthew Hashiguchi

Japanese American filmmaker Matthew Hashiguchi launched a Kickstarter campaign earlier this month to raise $15,000 for the development of Good Luck Soup Interactive.

Good Luck Soup Interactive is an interactive documentary and participatory storytelling project that will reveal what’s happened to the Japanese American Internment Camp victims since the internment camps closed nearly 70 years ago. The stories will be told through uploaded text, photographs and videos from internment camp victims and their families and will be shared through an interactive website.

Good Luck Soup Interactive is one component of our transmedia storytelling project documenting and sharing stories of the Japanese American experience. This web- based, interactive storytelling experience will complement, reinforce, and encourage participation in the larger effort to preserve this history through social media, participatory storytelling and community events.

Hashiguchi is an award winning documentary filmmaker and adjunct professor at Emerson College whose work focuses on the diverse cultural, social and ethnic stories of American society. His most recent films, People Aren’t All Bad and The Lower 9: A Story of Home, have screened in film festivals throughout the world and in May 2013, People Aren’t All Bad screened at the American Pavilion Emerging Filmmaker Showcase at the Cannes Film Festival.

“I want to offer storytelling’s power to other Japanese Americans, both young and old, whose lives have been impacted by the internment camps. I want to preserve these experiences, so that future generations are reminded of past struggles and adversity,” says Hashiguchi. “And, I want to create a location where we can share these memories, so that we may educate, empower and inspire others, just as my grandmother has done for me.”

He’s raised $10,630 through Kickstarter for his participatory documentary on the post-WWII resettlement of Japanese Americans. But, in order to receive any funding he needs to reach the goal of $15,000 within the next 57 hours. To fund the project visit:


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