Innovation Dialog – Timothy Collins: Car of Future

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Host:Diana Ding, Ding Ding TV
Guest:Timothy Collins

Innovation Dialog:
Started from 2010, Interview the world leading Innovators and Industry Leaders, Explore the management concept and new ideas.
Won the Most Distinguished TV show of 2012 from NCCMA.
Innovation Dialog show is working on bringing the best and brightest ideas and initiative, which will showcase innovations in both countries USA & China.

About the Show:
This show is talking about the car of future.Mr.Collins wants to design the smallest electricity car for the world.And discussing how to stand out in the fierce competition. In the future,the core of electricity car is Lithium battery.And the Lithium battery market is growing internationally every day.
Mr. Collins also Co-Founded KleenSpeed Technologies, Inc. KleenSpeed stands for performance. The goal is to provide an income stream from sales of vehicles and conversion systems as well as licensing revenue from hybrid and EV vehicle manufacturers and/or converters worldwide.

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