RAMA Presents The Go!Ohana Variety Show

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The Go!Ohana Variety ShowGoOhana
Local. Music. Live.The Go!Ohana variety show continues its successful run at SoleSpace gallery in Uptown Oakland, featuring groundbreaking talent in an intimate, modern setting. Work from local artists adorn the walls while local food vendors provide delectable treats for an evening you won’t forget. So what are you waiting for? GO! Off the beaten path…**COMEDY NIGHT!*
Laugh your ass off at a very special Go!Ohana Comedy Night! On Saturday, June 14th, we will bring you the very best in local API comedy: Featuring 3 awesome comedians who will have you OMGing, LOLing, LMAOing, and ROFLMAOing all night. Come laugh with us!The Go!Ohana Show
Saturday, June 14th
Solespace Gallery
1714 Telegraph Ave., Oakland
Admission: $10 at the door
Online presale! Get your ticket for as low as $8
Click here for tickets: https://ticket.sparxo.com/158565
Kristee Ono
Edwin Li
Irene Tu
Zahra NoorbakhshWith music by:
Rare Candy
CryWolffs! ViolinLocal Food Vendors:
Barbarian Gourmet

And your host:
Ryan Takemiya

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