Provocative New Play Calls for Need to Clear National Rape Kit Backlog

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- The Haze is set for July 24 at the Open Square Space at Futures Without Violence in San Francisco -


SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Former State Assembly Speaker pro Tempore Fiona Ma and supporter Patricia Lurie present The Haze, by award-winning Filipino-American playwright, Heather Marlowe. The evening will be comprised of excerpts from Marlowe’s play: a truthful, at times humorous, and theatrical account of herdrug-rape and subsequent processing of her rape kit which sat, unattended to, at the San Francisco Police Department for two and a half years.

The play’s debut comes at a time when Congress is expected to approve funding to examine untested DNA evidence from rape kits held by state and local police across the country.


The Haze exposes the prevailing injustices of rape on a personal, social, and political level, while inviting the audience to think about the societal and cultural constructs of victim blaming and violence against women. Marlowe’s story is as unique as it is universal – grappling with emotions experienced by all: shame, doubt, powerlessness, forgiveness and love. A panel discussion with ABC7 investigative reporter, Jim O’Donnell (other panel participants TBA), will immediately follow the performance.

This event will take place at The Open Square Space at Futures Without Violence, on July 24th at 5:15pm. 100 Montgomery Street in the Presidio of San Francisco. Tax-Deductible tickets are $100 and can be purchased at Proceeds will benefit the production of The Haze in Fall 2014. 5% will go toward The Grateful Garment Project: so no victim of a sexual crime ever lacks clothing to wear home.

“Well-written, emotionally powerful piece, well-acted.” – Sandy Handsher, Documentary Producer, Writer, Screenplay Consultant

“I saw this…and experienced, not only her bravery, but her commitment to present her authentic voice no matter how vulnerable she might need to be. I was very touched and think she is doing something powerful to start collective healing around these issues.” — Megan McFeely, Writer, Filmmaker and Communications Consultant


The Haze was written in 2012 and is currently being work-shopped in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, and New York. Development directors are Gabrielle Roth, Naisa Wong, and Jean-Michele Gregory.  The Haze has been work-shopped at The Phoenix Theater, Counterpulse, The Boxcar Theatre, and Stagewerx in San Francisco as well as private readings in New York City. 

The Haze is a recent recipient of The Yerba Buena Center for the Arts grant in San Francisco.

The Haze has been featured several times on San Francisco’s ABC7 news:

Supporters of The Haze include: San Francisco Women Against Rape, Shalom Bayit – San Francisco, The Center For Investigative Reporting, Actual Films, and the Filipina Women’s Network.



Heather Marlowe (Performer/Playwright) is a multi-talented performer and playwright. She has been performing musically and as a solo theater artist at venues in Los Angeles and San Francisco since 2007. She has studied theater and dance with Kristin Linklater, Paul Binnerts, Gabrielle Roth, Nina Wise, Lisa Porter, Martha Rynberg, Simone Forti, and Anna Halprin. In addition, she has trained with Steve Gardner on violin, and vocally with Raz Kennedy. She has studied playwriting, screenwriting, poetry, and creative nonfiction with Carolyn See, Hal Ackerman, and Dee Caruso. Heather is half Filipino and has a B.A. from UCLA.


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