Social Notes: Spectacular 36th Annual Dance Festival

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Fancy footwork, artistic handwork and undulating bodies matching the beat of pounding drums made a mesmerizing dance show at the 36th Annual Ethnic Dance Festival held at the Yerba Buena Center, June 5-29. Standing room-only crowds couldn’t stop applauding.

korean_danceThe timeless quality of precision dance was demonstrated by nine different groups out of the 30 ethnic groups participating in the festival.

From the stomping boots of a mountaineer Peruvian Dancers to the fearsome dancers of the Academy of Hawaiian Arts, it was an awesome show of different cultures and their ethnic identity.

Stunning costumes and intricate story-telling were shown by the Suciawani Balinese dancers, while the unique Okinawa Group made quite a contrast to other dancers. Other interesting dancers included the troupe from the Philippines and a belly-dancer from Cairo. Young, spirited dancers from Dimensions Dance Theater of Oakland made a splashing show that added to the future festivals.

Congratulations to the directors, tech crews, and volunteers who made this such a successful festival!

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