Asians Go Viral With Frozen

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Disney’s Frozen may not be the greatest Disney movie ever made, but it’s certainly been its biggest viral hit, and biggest money maker in a while. Youtube users usually upload one or two of the most popular songs, but Disney put up official versions of most songs, including multi-language versions that youtube fans used to do. Not only are there multiple versions and parodies of the flagship song Let It Go, but just about every other song as well, each one with 100,000 to several million hits.
Disney had a great string of Broadway grade musicals in the 90s up til Mulan, but then the quality and popularity faded as Pixar computer animated features became the most popular, but Frozen is the first effort that combines a great musical with computer animation that is arguably as entertaining as the traditional animation seen in Little Mermaid and Lion King. Elsa the Snow Queen is played by Idina Mezel who was the original “bad witch” in the Oz-inspired Wicked which elevates the green girl to protaganist and paints the Wizard as someone who uses an counterjihad theme to keep his kingdom under control, and use magical monkeys as surveillance drones, while the “good witch” is so annoyingly worried about being “good” that she’s annoying in the same way a lot of people hate Americans. Mezel gets essentially the same role and song “Defying Gravity” when the girl realizes she is cool with the idea of having magical powers, deciding she’s not afraid to use them. The “good witch” part is her sister whose only magical power is to care and love her sister enough to save her in the end.
Random websites are still posting videos of dads complaining about Frozen when it’s Olaf’s favorite season in summer, and there are still probably a theater or two still running it, after they ran a sing along version, and I can still hear minvans driving by playing full blast while Time did a column on why his son hates Let It Go. On youtube, if you search on any Frozen tune, more than half of them will be by Asians of one kind or another.
LET IT GO (Frozen OST) cover by Aldrich and James
It is Cold ParodyPerformed by Faith LiuWritten by Josh Jackson

Acoustic Guitar Singer


Driving While Disney Love Is An Open Door
Piano Guys Frozen Vivaldi

Let It Go – Frozen – Alex Boyé (Africanized Tribal Cover) Ft. One

Korean TV talent show

Grace Lee 4m

Do You Want To Build A Snowman (Cover) – Hannah Cho 2.4M

She changes her voice for each age/ verse.Very cute

Caleb Hyles Male Cover 3.8M

(Frozen OST) Let It Go – Sungha Jung Guitar Instrumental

Disney’s Frozen “Let It Go” Jun Sung Ahn Violin Cover 1.4M

Let It Go – Disney Multilingual including several Asian languages

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