Misfortune Cookies: MH-17, Student and Professor Murdered

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Putin’s Boys (Did Not) Shoot Down Another Malaysian Airliner

The world still hasn’t picked up on any of the obvious clues as to who might be hiding who hijacked MH370 when another Asian and Malaysian airliner ended up crashing straight into the Ukraine conflict. It appears to have been shot down by a radar-guided Russian Buk missile, the same type of missile that the Russian or pro-Russian “rebels” or commandos pretending to be rebels were seen bragging about driving around the area, and would have to been trained by Russia since you can’t just walk up to one of these things, pop in a quarter and start playing Missile Command.

The Buk is a tank-mounted missile with roughly the same capabilities as the Aegis system that Americans used to accidentally shoot down an Iranian airliner. Back then, the US openly admitted the US Navy fired the missile as a mistake, and paid $61.8 million in compensation to the families of the Iranian victims (though many believe that didn’t keep Iran from assisting terrorists who bombed Pan Am Flight 103 over Scotland just five months later). Instead, Putin and allied Russian RT, Iranian PressTV and the usual American anti-semitic 9-11 conspiracy theory sites  are carpet bombing the internet with all sorts of crazy MH17 theories. One is that the Ukranians thought they were shooting down Putin’s plane, or that a straight-winged SU-25 mud bomber designed to shoot things ON THE GROUND shot it down, or commandos shot it down an airliner at 35,000 ft with a manpad that fizzles at 10,000 ft, or that it’s the same MH370 recycled, or that what crashed wasn’t even a 777. While nobody in the West can even imagine anybody would deliberately target an airliner, PressTV brought out former Marine James Fetzer JFK/9-11/Sandy Hook truther to claim that the US and Israel stand to benefit. Another fellow said that since the US and Israel have accused innocent Russia, they must be the ones who engineered a “false flag” attack to bring down Russia. The scale of the effort to spew obvious lies is second only to the 9-11 truth movement which concocts hundreds of conflicting scenarios to blame the US and exonerate the obviously guilty that was also curiously supported by Russia and its Islamist friends, many of who were schooled in KGB-run Russian “friendship” academies.

The NSA for all its efforts to tap into secret communications could find zero chatter about missing MH370. Yet the very same state-supported propaganda media and American conspiracy theory sites that are running obvious bullcrap for for Putin were were all promoting the same conspiracy theory that the CIA and Mossad used drone technology to take over the autopilot of MH370 and hide the airplane at Diego Garcia. Pro-North Korean Japanese conspiracy theorist Yoichi Shimatsu appeared on Jeff Rense, while Chinese Catholic Matthias Chang right hand man to former anti-American Malaysian prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad went on IRIB Malysia defending his favorite heroic nation against Israeli media accusations. The Southern Poverty Law Center notes that Chang’s anti-semitic works are featured by the American Free Press, favorite reading material for the Tsarnaev brothers of Boston fame. It appears likely that whether they have uncovered the truth, or are hiding something awful, either way nobody realizes they might not be crazy but the ones who know who really was behind the vanishing.

For once, the liberal Obama machine and MSNBC appear to have correctly identified Putin and his friends who are at fault, even though they don’t advocate anything tougher than pointing fingers to do anything about it.  Meanwhile, fringe Republican Ron Paul is showing his true colors happy to be quoted by Russia “KGBTV” Today, Iran’s PressTV and SHAFAQNA accusing the west of propagandizing against Russia,which would “least benefit” , while “if it’s blamed on Russia, then of course, the Ukraine government would get the most benefit.”  Ron Paul is father to his slightly less controversial Rand Paul, and blames the US for arming terrorist ISIS militants. He previously blamed the US imperialism for driving Bin Laden to 9/11, and questions why the US must thwart Iran’s nuclear ambitions. Top SEAL sniper Chris Kyle enemies weren’t only the Taliban who put a price on his head, as Ron Paul called his murder “karma”, while the jury on Jesse Ventura’s defamation lawsuit against Kyle’s widow for a book calling the conspiracy theorist a traitor is having trouble figuring out which of the two is a selfless hero who to put his life on the line to save fellow soldiers, and who is the lying anti-American propagandist who lost his respect for America filing lawsuits against the TSA and Navy SEALs.

University of North Carolina Professor Feng Liu

At the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, professor Feng Liu who did research at the School of Pharmacy was mugged on July 23, 2014 by two men who then hit him with a rock for no apparent reason. The suspects were soon arrested and had extensive criminal histories or were under probation. Back in 2008, popular student body president Eve Carson was spectacularly kidnapped, robbed and murdered in 2008, also by men who were supposedly deemed safe enough by prisons to be walking around. One of the suspects is on trial for killing Duke university student Abhijit Mahato from India in his apartment. When so many people like Elliot Rodgers are trying desperately hard to kill as many college students as possible, one has to wonder if these supposedly “random” thugs aren’t trying to do the same thing one person at a time, and mask it as “just another crime”?

USC Student Xinran Ji Beaten To Death After 2012 Killings

Xiran Ji LinkedIn

Xiran Ji LinkedIn

The very next day, Los Angeles Times  reports that University of California engineering graduate student from China, Xinran Ji was assaulted on July 24 just after midnight by 3 suspects who clubbed him an object before fleeing in a car. He left a trail of blood staggering back to his apartment, where he was declared dead. Now just by coincidence, the last violent crime victims were ALSO… two Chinese USC engineering graduate students, Ming Qu and Ying Wu. They were gunned down in in their BMW in 2012 near the school. In both cases, police were fooled into treating the attacks as a botched robbery or carjacking. But did anybody consider the possibility the object WAS to murder Chinese students? If it was a robbery, all you have to do is threaten the person, get the wallet, and disappear. No need to hurt anybody. In China when somebody from Xinjiang attacks a Han Chinese, the motive is pretty obvious. What are the chances both cases of victims were engineering graduate students from China? Sometimes when the press connects similar incidents, could they actually be connected?

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