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  • Victoria Lam

    Victoria Lam: Getting Out and Doing Good

    Ms. Victoria Lam is only a dissertation away from earning her Ph.D. in Biological Sciences from the University of Notre Dame (ND).  In addition to her core studies, Ms. Lam is passionate about connecting youth to the outdoors and recently found a non-profit – “Triple […]

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  • Shirley Tan

    E-commerce Evangelist: Shirley Tan

          I met Shirley Tan about 20 years ago when she owned a typical brick and mortar business fighting for customers in a very competitive market.  Today, she is a survivor who has struggled through numerous downturns and the Internet (R)evolution and lives […]

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  • melissa morgan album cover 65

    Melissa Morgan: Jazzing Up a New Generation

    “She is the one we have been waiting for” says Dr. Herb Wong, Asian American jazz pioneer, disc jockey, historian, critic, and “cool cat” icon. Those are high expectations that could intimidate the average artist but not Melissa Morgan who has a mesmerizing stage presence […]

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  • Henry Chu and Jimmy

    Revelations at 50: Henry Chu

    Five-year-old Jimmy Chu likes to play with his toy garbage trucks and “go to meetings” with his Daddy. When Henry Chu was Jimmy’s age, he and his family had just immigrated from Hong Kong to San Francisco and lived across from the North Beach Playground […]

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  • Donnie Yen as the Monkey King.

    The Buzz: Serious Monkey Business

        Serious Monkey Business:  Last month I asked “Who is this Ip Man” and found out the history of the famous Wing Chun master and legend.  Donnie Yen starred in the original 2008 Hong Kong/China Ip Man blockbuster and will once again show off his fighting prowess […]

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  • Frank Lee

    Frank Lee, Jr.: Carrying on the Family Theatre Legacy

        Frank Lee, Jr. has been the proud owner of San Francisco’s “4-Star Theater” located on Clement and 23rd Ave.  in the Richmond district since 1992. The theater first opened in 1919 as “La Bonita Theatre,” was renamed “Star Theater” in 1926, and finally […]

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  • Erin Tjoe

    The Buzz: Who is This Ip Man?

          Who is this Ip Man? People are talking about the Grandmaster yet again…partly because the insular Bruce Lee family tightly controls Lee’s image and public use, yet there’s still lots of interest in Asian history and kung fu that excites people. Currently […]

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  • Director Henry Kim. Photo by Larry Wong

    Henry J. Kim: Directing His Dream on His Own Terms

        Have you ever met someone that is so passionate about something, that you instantly feel passionate about the same thing too? Someone that makes you feel comfortable even if you’ve only met that person once? Someone you want to help because you believe […]

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  • men are theives

    The New Hollywood Model: Crowdfunding?

        The New Hollywood Model: Crowdfunding?:  Save the Date:  Potsticker lovers start gearing up for this year’s 3rd annual Potsticker Eating Contest to honor the quality coverage and empowerment of Asian Americans by veteran political columnist Samson Wong in October. Last year’s champion chowed […]

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  • Ken Wong

    Ken Wong: Going Beyond Plateaus in Life

          As a young boy, Ken Wong watched a lot of cops and robbers portrayed on TV and in the movies. He identified with the “good guys” and dreamed of protecting the community….some day. Born in Canton, China, Ken immigrated with his parents […]

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