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  • Etiquette in a “Multi-Culti” World

    Etiquette in a “Multi-Culti” World

    If you haven’t already heard the newest buzz word for “multi-cultural,” it’s “multi-culti.” Living in the San Francisco Bay Area is the best.  We truly live in a “multi-culti” area, where we don’t have to travel far to meet people from all over the world, […]

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  • Thank You Notes

    Thank You Notes

    Not as hard as you think A personal, handwritten thank you note is the finest form of expressing gratitude. It doesn’t take that much effort and time and is the most tangible evidence of genuine appreciation. Here are eight guidelines for both business and personal […]

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  • Family Meals, Western Style

    Family Meals, Western Style

    Family-style meals are common all over the world. For Americans, it is most traditional during our celebration of Thanksgiving. Although it’s similar to how we Chinese eat our meals, there are few distinct subtleties to keep in mind. Do I PASS TO THE RIGHT OR […]

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  • Host Duties And Guest Responsibilites

    Host Duties And Guest Responsibilites

    Both hosts and guests must perform distinct duties and responsibilities at every dinner party. A host’s duty is to plan every detail ahead of time. We’ve all been to parties where the hosts are scrambling around at the last minute to get this or that […]

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