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  • Pacquiao vs Marquez

    Daily Dose: 11/14/11

    Daily Dose November 14, 2011   Bay Hunters Point Shipyard – Candlestick Point Project selected for National Investment The public elected him less than a week ago and Mayor Edwin M. Lee already has exciting news to share. In a recent press conference Mayor Lee […]

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  • Mayor Ed Lee

    Daily Dose: 11/9/2011

    Daily Dose November 9, 2011   Bay Area A third of the ballots show Lee in the lead The official tally for the San Francisco mayoral election is probably days away but so far Mayor Ed Lee looks to stand a high chance in carrying […]

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  • Picture taken by Tiffany Eng

    Daily Dose: 11/8/2011

    Daily Dose November 8, 2011   Bay Area Moms and toddlers of Oakland teach big banks to share You would think that by the time people reach adulthood they would understand the basic art of sharing. Oakland parents and young children took the liberty on […]

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  • "Oriental Girl Necklace"

    Daily Dose: 11/7/11

    Daily Dose November 7, 2011   Bay Area Chinatown takes mayoral election seriously Looks like the residents of Chinatown lead the way when it comes to mail-in election turnouts. According to an analysis conducted by Redistricting Partners, a Sacramento political consulting firm, found that as […]

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  • college graduation

    Daily Dose: 11/4/11

    Nation >> Educational Achievements vary between different Asian American ethnic groups Asian American’s educational achievements vary significantly between ethnic groups, according to a recent analysis of the recent Census Data. The data range from Taiwanese Americans being 96% more likely to graduate high school to […]

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  • Anti-bullying

    Daily Dose: 10/31/11

    Daily Dose October 31, 2011   Arts Gene Yang offers magic with graphics Are you in search of an event that can open you to the creation of Asian American graphic novels? Well be sure to attend “Leveling Up with Gene Yang: Mixing Magic with […]

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  • map

    Daily Dose: 10/29/11

    11/2 Update: In my first Daily Dose, I mislabeled Asians in South Asia as ‘Southeast Asians.’  I have since revised this error. Nation >>Asians in South Asia rapidly populating the United States Asians in South Asia are rapidly populating the United States within the last […]

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  • greencard

    Daily Dose: 10/25/11

    Nation >>United States Benefits Foreign Countries By Sending Educated Immigrants Home Educated Immigrants are losing patience with the United States’ tough immigrant policies when applying for green cards, opting to return to their home country to seek employment. According to the United States immigrant policies, […]

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  • Tina Chow

    Daily Dose: 10/24/2011

    Daily Dose October 24, 2011   Arts PhilDev recognizes Tony Award recipient Can you say impressive? Filipino American Robert Lopez continues to rack up awards and now the Philippine Development Foundation “PhilDev” wants to honor him with an Award of Excellence at their upcoming gala. […]

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  • Apolo Ohno AAPI leadership

    Daily Dose: 10/21/11

    Daily Dose October 21, 2011   Nation President Obama adds a Cabinet Secretary, a speed skating Olympian, a professor and a doctor to his AAPI team President Barack Obama looks to be transforming his AAPI leadership team with his newest additions. President Obama recently chose his […]

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