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  • Not Just a Man, A Whole Country

    Not Just a Man, A Whole Country

    At noon, on Jan. 20, when the 44th President of the United States of America raises his right hand and swears on the Lincoln Bible as he takes office, the United States closes a sordid page of its history and opens a new chapter on […]

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  • Victory and Challenges

    Victory and Challenges

    First, let’s rejoice!  As of January 2009, Viet-Americans can call at least one among the 535 members of Congress as their own.  That would be just about 34 years after they came to this country as refugees.  Not too shabby. 

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  • Uncertain Future

    Uncertain Future

    Last week, while we in the United States gave thanks for another year of survival in these trying times and while a notable number among us joined the majority of the American people to elect a cool, competent and confident new president, our sisters and […]

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  • Tears of Joy, Cheers of Hope

    Tears of Joy, Cheers of Hope

    The last time we had an earthquake in Northern  California, it took the campus police telling me that the whole school was closed to get me out of my classroom.  But on Tuesday, November 4, I voluntarily sent the students home at 8 p.m. when […]

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  • A Food Fight for Fairness

    A Food Fight for Fairness

    Two things about Asian restaurants in general bother me: They insist on using MSG when it’s not needed and many cheat their own employees. The first is an open secret. Asian restaurants, by and large, use MSG liberally. Peer into any kitchen, and nine times […]

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  • On the Right Side of History

    On the Right Side of History

    About 80 people gathered last Sunday afternoon in the heart of Chinatown for a gentle “town-hall meeting” sponsored by the Asian American TV station in the Bay Area, KTSF-TV. Speakers debated their preferences for voting this November; the event was edited down to two 30-minute […]

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  • Viet-Ams and McCain

    Viet-Ams and McCain

    Sometimes I marvel at the peculiarly Vietnamese ability to inflict wounds on themselves. I recognize that no country or ethnic group is immune to intramural blood-letting, but after a lifetime of working among, studying about and living as Vietnamese, I can’t help acknowledge that we […]

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  • Lao Tzu is Right

    Lao Tzu is Right

    As fall rolls in, socialism is back in fashion. And at a very steep price: over a trillion dollars in additional debt. Since 1989, when the fall of the Berlin Wall served as a fitting epitaph for the 72-year social, political and economic experiment called […]

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  • In Praise of Community Organizers

    In Praise of Community Organizers

    Watching the Republican National Convention last week was like time travel back to the past. The shots of the nearly all-white delegates brought back memories of Philadelphia in 1776, when the founding fathers-no mothers, please-were all white; blacks were counted as three-fifths; Native Americans were […]

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  • Retracing An Older Vietnam

    Retracing An Older Vietnam

    A glimpse into the country’s evolution HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam — While Democrats gather this week in Denver to usher in a new era in American politics and society, here in Vietnam, a small group of American students are gaining a glimpse into some […]

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