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  • David Wong Electric Violin

    Ain’t No Sunshine- Violin and Vocal David Wong

    For all you Tiger parents, here’s a different take on Asian American achievement on the violin. Still, I notice that when you take African Americans and add classical instruments you get … Jazz, an usually when you add Asians you get .. classical music. This […]

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  • Woman pick up injured girl

    Bad Daycare + Bad Drivers in China = tragic video

    [Hu’s on First] It wasn’t long ago that the world was aghast at the little Chinese girl who was driving her family car. Now Asian and worldwide media posted a shocking video showing a 2 year old girl Wang Yue (“Yue Yue”) in China who […]

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  • Deflecting attacks from one group to The Chinese

    Stop Hating Muslims Because We’re Being Invaded By The Chinese

    [Hu’s on First ] Apologize or protect your favorite ethnic / religious group if you must, but please do not simply redirect hatred onto another group, as illustrated by the classic Glen Larson cartoon bears. Ok you Asian American folks, it’s time to stop pigpiling […]

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  • toolerdriver

    Chinese Dad + Asian Driver = Toddler Driver

    From the UK’s Sun under “Best Video” (also seen on A toddler driving through traffic: The ‘shocking’ video: A Chinese preschooler weaves along a four-lane highway — as filmed by her strangely indulgent parents from the backseat Taking the presumed benefits of “early-start” education […]

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  • ClaraC Camel Song Video with AznFnyGuy Ryan Higa

    ClaraC Camel Song Video with AznFnyGuy Ryan Higa

    [More on AZN YT stars] Fun concept against painting a big piece of butcher paper (how they did it is at end) with funny guy uberstar (as in top 10 paid youtube artists) Ryan Higa AZN Youtube starts ranked by views as I find them […]

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  • Clara Chung Premieres Heartstrings Video at United for Japan

    Clara Chung Premieres Heartstrings Video at United for Japan

    [Hu’s on First] Clara’s new cute as all heck video was premiered June 24 at the United for Japan concert, and was at 64,000 hits by June 28. It features Joseph Vincent another rising star. It has a Little Prince opening, and closes like Through […]

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  • Paul Shinn

    Asian Americans Post Your Graduation Stories

    [Hu’s On First] Your turn – in the comments send links or email me arthurhu at hufamily dot com if you have admissions essays or horror / success stories of getting into or NOT getting into the college of your parent’s dreams, or if your […]

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  • TEPCO Crashed Hover Drone

    Fukushima Fuku-Ups Continue

    Robot fail, HoverDrone Fail, Water Decon Fail   I feel like I’m watching a bad Thunderbirds episode, except those Americans were able to fix anything in 60 minutes after 2 or 3 spectacular explosions and/or fires / crashes. DRONE CRASHES INTO RUINED REACTOR!!! ROBOT STUMBLES!! […]

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  • YouTube Sensations

    United for Japan Concert Youtube “AZN Woodstock” Promo Video

    [Hu’s on First ] Community Church of Seattle (Hyung Jae Church) has released a promotional video and more details of the upcoming “Youtube Woodstock” unprecedented gathering of “predominantly” Asian and other popular Youtube artists UNITED FOR JAPAN CONCERT a benefit concert for Japan disaster relief […]

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  • IAEA Oooh Aaah Unit 3 (Tepco)

    Wreck of the Fukushima Cap Fitting Carousel

    Nearly Asian Week exclusive(Foust beat me!) : Sounds like a song title “Wreck of the Fukushima Cap Fitting Carousel” [ Hu’s On First | FukuNuke ] Ian Goddard sent this latest Tepco shot of IAEA inspectors taking a look at the “pentagon” Unit 3 damage, […]

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