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  • Naruto 360

    Naruto 360

    When I finally scrounged up enough dough to purchase Naruto: Rise of the Ninja, I promptly popped it into my Xbox 360 and did not play it-I wandered it.  In this game is a fully realized Konoha Village, the hometown of the spiky blonde ninja […]

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  • Kung Fu Blockbusters

    Kung Fu Blockbusters

    The martial arts drought is temporarily over, and the art of kung fu is once again playing a central role in two destined blockbusters this year. First of all there is of course the highly anticipated Forbidden Kingdom which features the two top contemporary martial […]

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  • Obon, Lotus, and Tamales

    Obon, Lotus, and Tamales

    Living in Los Angeles means living in a place where all sorts of cultures intersect, coexist, and mingle.  Global reality is especially apparent with the different summer festivals that spring up around downtown every year, and this past weekend I was able to enjoy the […]

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  • Appleseed Ex Machina

    Appleseed Ex Machina

    When the Appleseed Japanese anime film directed by Shinji Aramaki came out in 2004, it was a jaw-dropping animation and computer graphics experience.  It had a unique texture of cartoon animation blended with the depth and fluidity of computer graphics.  Thanks to the magic of […]

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  • ‘Legend of the Seven Monks’ And ‘Naruto: Rise of the Ninja’

    ‘Legend of the Seven Monks’ And ‘Naruto: Rise of the Ninja’

    Last year, a Japanese movie was released in the U.S. with the promising title of The Legend of the Seven Monks. It sounded like it was going to be a cool epic with some decent martial arts action. My expectations rose even further when I […]

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  • Anime Expo 2008

    Anime Expo 2008

    In video game terms, this year’s Anime Expo 2008 seriously leveled up by moving its location to the Los Angeles Convention Center in the heart of a downtown area that is undergoing a massive makeover and revitalization. The Masquerade, a contest for cosplayers and one […]

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  • The Revenge of Donnie Yen

    The Revenge of Donnie Yen

    Donnie Yen is a staple in the world of good quality kung fu movies. His major fight with Jet Li in Once Upon a Time in China II is one of the best fight scenes around. He’s shown off some awesome moves as the father […]

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  • ‘Tekkonkinkreet’


    A new spin on yin-yang Yin and yang, day and night, the balance of opposites — this idea has been so overused that it has become an eye-rolling cliche in modern media expressions, despite its profound and ancient roots. However, Michael Arias’ adaptation of Taiyo […]

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  • Jabbawockeez, Unmasked

    Jabbawockeez, Unmasked

    MTV’s hot show America’s Best Dance Crew has been raging along, and now only four dance crews are left of the original 12 finalists. Yet most people still don’t know how Asian American-dominated this competition is.

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  • J-pop Teen Titans

    J-pop Teen Titans

    When fans of Japanese anime turned on the tube to check out the Teen Titans, an anime-influenced animated series based on the DC Comics superhero team and produced by Warner Bros. Animation, they raised their fists in protest, calling the series a sad imitation of […]

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