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  • Read or Die

    Read or Die

    Wolverine’s got adamantium, Superman’s got strength and the Hulk’s got green, radioactive rage. Yomiko Readman, however, has the power of paper. That’s right. Paper. As the lovable main character of the manga series and

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  • Manga: The Complete Guide

    Manga: The Complete Guide

    Akira is considered a legendary work of comic art, referred to by many as a masterpiece of manga, or Japanese graphic novel. Copies of this creation by Katsuhiro Otomo can be found sitting benignly in the graphic novel section of public libraries, where youth often […]

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  • Mr. (Chinese) Vampire

    Mr. (Chinese) Vampire

    The old story in China goes that people who died far from home and needed to be brought back for burial were sometimes transported as re-animated corpses to save money. They became jiang shi, or what many English speakers refer to as Chinese vampires. Instead […]

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  • Net These Butterflies

    Net These Butterflies

    The story known as Liang Zhu or The Butterfly Lovers is one of the most popular and well-known legends of China. While often called the Romeo and Juliet of the East, the first record of Liang Zhu is from the ninth century, 700 years before […]

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  • Martial Arts Era Ends

    Martial Arts Era Ends

    When Jet Li came out on the American silver screen in 1998 as a bad guy on Lethal Weapon 4, we all dutifully went to the theater. I remember feeling odd by the fact that Li wasn’t protecting the weak and saving the day like […]

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  • Highlander — Anime Style!

    Highlander — Anime Style!

    When the Wachowski brothers made The Animatrix, it was one of those great East meets West creative events that produced a brilliant series of classic anime shorts. Each had the unique flavor of the individual anime director blended beautifully with the Matrix universe that the […]

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  • J-Pop With Edge

    J-Pop With Edge

    If you bumped into Olivia Lufkin on the streets of L.A., she comes off as one of the nicest, politest and shyest girls. You’d never expect this half white, half Japanese singer to jump behind a microphone and bring some pretty solid stage presence and […]

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  • I Heart Slapshock

    I Heart Slapshock

    Imagine Pantera’s growling vocals blended with Hoobastank’s melodious rock. Layer under that a foundation of epic heavy metal that makes your whole car quake if you play it loud enough. This is what you get when you’re blasting some Slapshock, a top rap-metal band of […]

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  • Volcano High

    Volcano High

    I had first seen a few scenes of Volcano High, a Korean high-flying, super-saiyan martial arts film, on MTV back in 2003. The visuals were fun in that awesome-yet-campy sort of way, and the concept of martial arts and power over the elements were some […]

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  • Pacific Media Expo a Twisted Tea Party

    Pacific Media Expo a Twisted Tea Party

    Being Asian American isn’t just about genetics, it’s about culture. The influx of Asian-fusion pop culture into the United States is a testament to the rise of Asian American culture. Outside the mainstream of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Linkin Park, however, is also a […]

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