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  • SEGA Settles Fil-Am Bias Suit

    SEGA Settles Fil-Am Bias Suit

    Video game maker SEGA Corp. of America Inc. and Spherion Corp., a temporary worker agency, agreed to pay $600,000 to settle a lawsuit alleging the companies fired some Filipino American workers because of their race, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission said Mar. 25.

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  • Revival of Cool

    Revival of Cool

    Name: Alan Yu Age: 30 Title: Director, Game Developers Conference Ethnicity: Chinese American Residence: San Francisco

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  • iPod Mini Big on Sound

    iPod Mini Big on Sound

    In popular culture, trends are cyclical. As the old saying goes, “Everything old is new again.” In the winter of 2002, Apple Computers introduced the iPod MP3 player — a device that was ubiquitously described with one word — cool. Well, Apple has revived the […]

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  • A Technosexual Paradise

    A Technosexual Paradise

    The glitz and glamour of Las Vegas was eclipsed for four days by the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES). A showcase for the sleekest and sexiest technology, CES offers a preview of the dazzling gadgetry set to invade your home. Though there weren’t as many […]

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  • Gametrac Brings New Era of Handheld Gaming

    Gametrac Brings New Era of Handheld Gaming

    The introduction of the Gametrac at CES in Las Vegas added several new ingredients to the multi-platform mix and gives the Gametrac its name: a GPS tracking system and MMS advertising.

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  • Technological Firestorm 2004

    Technological Firestorm 2004

    Tech gadgets are shrinking in size while expanding in capacity and functionality, striving towards increased mobility, seamless compatibility and superior quality and clarity in audio and visual. 2004 continues this tradition with even more cross-pollinating from cellular phones with video recording and real-time TV, to […]

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  • Serious Gaming: First annual Digital Games Summit takes a hard look at numbers and research

    Serious Gaming: First annual Digital Games Summit takes a hard look at numbers and research

    It was only a matter of time before video games would grow up. The first Digital Games Summit (DGS) at the 2004 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas inaugurated the gaming industry into young adulthood with a serious look at gaming industry trends, particularly […]

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  • ‘Counter-Striking’ the Boys

    ‘Counter-Striking’ the Boys

    Boys, ever got your ass beat by a girl in Counter-Strike? If you have, then you’re probably asking for more or trying to cover it up with some goober comment like, “We weren’t trying hard because you’re a girl,” says 17-year-old Laura Sunley.

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  • ‘SOCOM II’: Good to Go

    ‘SOCOM II’: Good to Go

    When Sony took the PlayStation 2 online with the release of the Network Adaptor — and Sony has chosen the snobbish “o” instead of the common “e” spelling because, well, that’s what obscenely rich and powerful corporations do — it soon thereafter released what would […]

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  • Konami Previews Its 2004 Lineup

    Konami Previews Its 2004 Lineup

    On Jan. 9, Konami stuffed a group of videogame journalists into the “Action Theater” of the Sony Metreon in downtown San Francisco and revealed its swanky lineup of games for 2004. I was one of the stuffees, and I’d like to share that lineup with […]

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