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  • what the T

    What’s the T? Premieres Feb. 21 in SF

        THE PREMIERE SCREENING OF: WHAT’S THE T? How you were born does not define who you are. EVENT: Independent documentary, What’s the T?, premiering February 21, 2013, San Francisco, California, at New People Event Venue, 1746 Post Street. General screening at 5:30 pm, doors […]

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  • On The Scene: Trekking to Beatiful Bhutan and Nepal

    On The Scene: Trekking to Beatiful Bhutan and Nepal

    The country of Bhutan has always held a fascination for me, and after seeing the wonderful Bhutan exhibit at San Francisco’s Asian Art Museum last year, it was a definite destination desire for the Wongs. Bhutan is a beautiful undiscovered part of the world, but […]

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  • Just a Toy?

    Just a Toy?

    Nikki Shallwani is still hanging in there on 50 Cent: The Money and the Dear God Why Must I Watch This Show, though I’m not convinced that is a good thing. This week, the teams had to develop a street marketing campaign to raise AIDS […]

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  • Momma’s Racist

    Momma’s Racist

    Eugene, what is going on with you on Top Chef? The innovation and adaptability you showed with your makeshift grill weeks ago has turned into a constant need to come up with quick fixes, and the judges aren’t having it.

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  • There’s No Such Thing as a Free Idol

    There’s No Such Thing as a Free Idol

    A bunch of our shows ended their seasons, and it’s remarkable how many Asian Americans made it to finales. In the final round of The Ultimate Fighter, Phillipe Nover was beat out by his opponent in a result that had to go to the judges. […]

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  • Half-Filipino Tiger

    Half-Filipino Tiger

    Ken’s back in trouble on Survivor, but does he even realize it? After calling competitor Bob “stupid,” Bob went on to 1) win both the reward and immunity challenges and 2) hoodwink Ken with his (second) fake idol. All this after Ken proclaimed himself “the […]

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  • Eugenius!


    Guess what everybody: Before he was on Survivor, Ken was even dorkier than he is on the show.

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  • Safety Kebob

    Safety Kebob

    So, Radhika. Another Indian-inspired dish on Top Chef this week. Don’t get me wrong; your Indian-style kebob dog looked tasty, and I’m glad it won the Quickfire challenge and earned you immunity. But you said you didn’t want to be the Indian girl making Indian […]

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  • A Little Nibble of Power

    A Little Nibble of Power

    Top Chef returned with three Asian Americans: Eugene Villiatora from Hawai‘i, Indian American Radhika Desai and part-Filipino Leah Cohen. Radhika and Leah landed in the bottom of the Quickfire challenge, but neither was eliminated. I’ll forgive Radhika for making apple chutney, despite saying that she […]

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  • Not King George

    Not King George

    Dark days for our friends on VH1. On The Pickup Artist, the guys were auctioned off, and Brian introduced himself as “Brian — with an ‘I’ for intelligent,” but maybe he should have gone with A for asinine. Not that I don’t enjoy his well-meaning […]

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